Decemberists to perform at Spring Fling

Indie alternative rock band The Decemberists and singer-songwriter Colin Munroe will join the performance lineup for Spring Fling, the News has learned.

The five-act show, which will also include N.E.R.D., Wale and Girl Talk, will be the longest in recent memory. The Yale College Council is expected to make a formal announcement of the Spring Fling acts later this evening, effectively putting an end to weeks of bargaining and negotiations that kept the lineup from being finalized until recently.

“The Decemberists are the primary addition,” Yale Student Activities Committee Chair Colin Leatherbury ’09 said in an interview, adding that the band was popular on student surveys. “It’s really our first step into indie-alternative music in quite a while.”

The Decemberists, an indie rock band known for lyrics with provocative narratives, signed with Capitol Records in 2005. The band released a new album, “The Hazards of Love,” in late March.

Munroe, a relative unknown in the music industry, will open the April 28 concert. Silliman YSAC Representative Mathilde Williams ’11 said Wale offered to bring the singer-songwriter as an opener. Wale, who tours with a live band himself, has crossed genre lines to collaborate with Munroe on songs like “Will I Stay.”

Munroe was added to the lineup much later than the other four acts, as Leatherbury said that late in the booking process, Wale’s agent offered to bring Munroe along for no charge in an effort to promote the up-and-coming artist.

Because of a slight decrease in funding from the Yale College Dean’s Office, Yale College Council President Rich Tao ’10 said this was a “tough year” to prepare for the show. Increased support from graduate student organizations and corporate sponsors helped keep the budget for Spring Fling similar to last year’s, Tao explained.

In an interview, Tao would not disclose how much each act was being paid for their appearances, though he said last year’s figure of $120,000 budgeted for booking acts remained unchanged, except that last year’s figures included fees paid to a middle agent and this year’s do not. Tao said he estimates YCC will spend $30,000 to $40,000 on production costs.

The News first reported the names of the first three acts in March, when the trade publication Pollstar posted a partial lineup of the Spring Fling concert to its Web site. YCC officials declined to comment at the time.

Colin Munroe will open the show, followed by Wale, the Decemberists, N.E.R.D. and finally Girl Talk. Leatherbury said Girl Talk will play later to take advantage of the D.J.’s light show.

Last year’s Spring Fling featured Sean Kingston, The Roots and Jimmy Eat World.


  • Success?

    AHHH!!! Thank you!!!

    Girl Talk, Decemberists!! Best Spring Fling Ever!

    YSAC/YCC, my hats off to you. Thank you.

  • yalie

    Colin Leatherbury, Natasha Sarin - job WELL done. :)

  • Holy!##@$

    This is amazing addition. Me likey

  • DC '10

    This had better not be a joke. The Decemberists? Amazing!

  • Excited

    This is going to be the shit.

  • YESSSS!!!!

    yahooo for the line-up!

  • Finally

    As a junior, I have never before been even moderately interested in the Spring Fling lineup. I'm quite happy that that has changed. Well [expletive] done.

  • Spring Fling FTW

    Yes. Excellent.

  • Anonymous

    YEESSSS! I was concerned b4, now no doubt… AWESOME SPRING FLING!

  • Anonymous

    my load, your face.

    saw decemberists w/ grant park orchestra in the chi.

    rock. pure rock. & a little classical.

  • 1Y1

    Glad they tacked on the Decemberists and Munroe. Well balanced, should be fun.

  • Mike

    God, this is awesome.

    My favorite part:
    "Last year’s Spring Fling featured Sean Kingston, The Roots and Jimmy Eat World."

    Out of the darkness and into the light.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Boy Talk

    I'm really excited for Girl Talk, but one question…. why are all the performers men?

  • Mr. Excitable

    Probably the best Spring Fling line-up we'll see for a long time. Props to Rich Tao for really busting his balls to get this through.

  • god

    this is making me cream in my pants. WHY AREN'T RICH AND COLIN COMING BACK??????


  • Anonymous

    best spring fling ever???

  • claire

    before the haters come and infect this comment thread, i just wanted to pay my respects.

    huzzah !

  • Kai

    Trying to find a female performer was actually a big concern for those of us on the Spring Fling Committee this year, and we were trying very hard to find someone with the right fit. Unfortunately, every time we all agreed on a female artist who we thought was awesome and had the right vibe, she either became unavailable, or the price got raised out of our range. However, this was part of the discussion, and hopeful will continue to be an important consideration in planning future Spring Flings. And while she doesn't front the group, multi-instrumentalist Jenny Conlee has been an integral part of The Decemberists for years now.

    Kai Thaler
    Spring Fling Committee member

  • Anonymous

    FYI, Colin Leatherbury was the co-chair of last year's Spring Fling committee.

  • james

    so any word on tickets? and will I be able to bring non-student friends? this is my first year so not familiar with the process

  • Anonymous

    @21: You get into Old Campus with your student ID. That should answer both your questions (no tickets, but no non-student friends, unless you can sneak them onto Old Campus the night before…)

  • Anonymous

    the concert is free, but please donate to our charity portion! not sure about bringing in friends, but I don't think that would be an issue.

  • Sf Committee Member

    please email us at for all ticket / guest questions, and we'll get right back to you!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously guys, grow up. Stop whining on the YDN threads.

    Jon has worked his ass off on YCC this year, ran a great campaign, and has maintained his integrity through the whole process. I've never met a more genuine guy, and he absolutely deserves this. He'll do a fantastic job.

    Congrats to the new YCC Executive Board!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to all candidates!

    It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there for everyone to judge and scrutinize for a week, especially with the haters on the YDN editorial board and these brutal comments on the articles. Anyone willing to put themselves through that just to work even harder for the student body next year is a pretty solid person in my book, even if I had hoped for some different results than what we got. I hope that people on this message board stop hating just because their personal picks didn't win, and instead congratulate all candidates on good races and then start looking to how we can make the future as good as possible now that the positions are decided.

    Best of luck to the new eboard!

  • Anonymous

    I think each student is allowed to bring one guest…