News endorses Beauchamp for YCC president

The Yale Daily News has endorsed Ryan Beauchamp ’10 for president of the Yale College Council.

In an editorial to be published Monday and posted online Sunday evening, the newspaper’s Managing Board argues that Beauchamp is better poised to represent Yale students to the administration than his opponent, YCC Treasurer Jon Wu ’11.

“Beauchamp may have less YCC experience than Wu, but his dedication will outweigh his thinner resume,” the newspaper wrote.

The News also endorsed Abigail Cheung ’11 for vice president, Adam Thomas ’12 for treasurer, Mathilde Williams ’11 for director of events and Erin Fackler ’11 for UOFC chair. (The newspaper did not endorse a candidate for secretary because one person seeking the position is a staff reporter for the News.)

The endorsements were based on interviews conducted with the candidates last week. Voting for YCC executive board positions begins Monday morning and runs through Tuesday evening.


  • Anonymous

    Guess I'll be voting for Wu then.

  • wp


  • Anonymous

    a brave endorsement, and the right choice. well done, ydn. jon wu's had a year to showcase leadership on serious student concerns, and he's undoubtedly failed.

    also, do we really want to elect somebody who has wanted to be president since day 1? might as well bring harrison marks back if that's what we're looking for.

  • Anonymous

    i don't know what makes YDN question the dedication of someone who has served on YCC for two years as opposed to someone who has attended 3 YCC meetings.

  • also

    dwight hall is supposedly endorsing beauchamp as well.

    even if you hate the ydn, are you really going to hate on dwight hall?

  • Anonymous

    the sad thing about this is that he just may win. somehow, the actual substance of a campaign doesn't seem to matter to most yalies--just how funny or catchy it is. see wu vs. beauchamp for more evidence.

  • Relief

    It's a relief to see the YDN wants the YCC to actually accomplish things on the policy front next semester. Glorified party planning should have been abandoned in high school. Good luck to Ryan.

  • y'10

    I completely disagree.

    If anything, Wu's resume is proof of his dedication.

  • hubris

    The YDN board is full of themselves. The condescending tone of these endorsements, which mean nothing to begin with other than being the pompous opinion of a few, is saddening.

  • troll13

    wow, this is some pretty damning stuff about wu. i guess we need to ask: if wu can't impress the YDN, how the hell is he going to impress the administration?

  • FACT

    Jon Wu's lame campaign video swindled the exact premise (and even some footage) of his already-recycled-beyond-meaning campaign video from last year.

    Seriously, is there anything to this character beyond a few meek catchphrases and slogans and a creepy cult of fluffers that do his dirty work?

  • Anonymous

    I'm really disappointed in this endorsement.

    While I think that both candidates have a lot of merits, a look at the candidacy statements of each shows that Jon Wu has proven his ability to be an effective leader on the YCC through uncountable numbers of hours of work to bring numerous beneficial services to the student body (free YCC day planners, free notebooks, the local business discount program, the Iron Chef competition, the Eli Days program (bring disadvantaged high schoolers to Yale's campus), and the list goes on and on, even on top of the duties he serves in the treasurer role), whereas there are really only three things that Ryan can point to as accomplishments with this year's JCC (rock band, advising night, jc feb club).

    Again, this is not to put Ryan down, only to say that when compared to Jon Wu, the demonstrated energy and efficacy with which each will carry out their roles and accomplish results for the student body is pretty heavily slanted in Jon Wu's favor.

    Also, what I find particularly worrisome is the idea that you can lead an organization that you have never served on. To be captain of a sports team, you have to prove your merit through hard work and accomplishments. To lead the YDN, you have to work your way up from a freshman reporter to beat reporter to the Editorial Board. The reasons that these structures for working ones way up through the organization exist in almost all groups on campus is because understanding an institution is the first prerequisite to being able to positively change it.

    For both of these reasons, I very much hope that Jon Wu takes the YCC Presidency, while Ryan joins the Council as a representative - a role to which his fresh energy and ideas but lack of knowledge about the organization would be well suited.

  • Anonymous

    i want to say that jon did make YCC more relevant to the community this year by creating the planners, notebooks & the discounts program. while it's true that he is more of an "events and outreach" kind of guy, his accomplishments go far beyond glorified party planning.

    also i dont think ryan is that much of a policy guy. what policy issues did he address as JCC chair? jV feb club?

    i don't see how someone who is pretending to know about the policy issues can accomplish anything…

  • Anonymous

    I've served with both of them and I've also served longer than both of them and can say, without question, that Wu is both more dedicated and competent.

  • @13


    "I've also served longer than both of them"

    Then why don't you give your name!! Such appeals to ethos are irresponsible when hiding behind a mask. I'm guessing you're just a Wu crony.

  • Yale 10

    Can anyone explain how "free YCC day planners" and "free notebooks" are what we should be looking for in a YCC president? Even the local business discount program. When Yale costs nearly $50,000 a year, I find it rather condescending that I'm supposed to pleased with a free notebook. Look, yes, it is an expense (or I could use my computer), but books cost $300-$500. I'd rather that my president looked to be an advocate for large policy issues like gender-neutral housing or even minors (whatever ones thinks of them) than trying to save me the equivalent of an hour's wage at a campus job. Seriously, I'd be interested in hearing a response from someone who isn't Wu on this issue.

  • Anonymous

    #11: that sounds like a very rich tao statement.

    whoever you are i completely and wholeheartedly agree with you.

    jon has accomplished so much compared to ryan that it really makes the race very skewed.

    also i don't a comparison of ryan to taber and tao is valid, because Ryan has never served on YCC.

    anyway i'm sad to see rich tao leave. jon wu will have big shoes to fill indeed.

  • @16

    Heh.. I disagree.. I don't think #11 was Rich Tao…

  • Anonymous

    That was definitely not a Rich Tao statement.

  • Anonymous


    please don't hate on Jon!
    whatever your opinion might be on him, it still doesn't explain why Ryan with zero YCC and policy experience is a better candidate.

    I think initiatives such as Jon's help to make YCC visible to the students. Policy changes run according to the pace of administration and therefore a YCC cannot solely be based on policy goals. The integration of YSAC into YCC also shows that YCC is a body for events as well as advocacy.

    anyway the events/outreach vs. policy debate will continue to exist and it is upto the next Prez to set his vision regarding how to reconcile the two.

    someone who doesn't have much experience of either is certainly not the candidate i can put my faith in.

  • ten bucks

    ten bucks to the first person to guess how many of these comments came from Jon Wu himself?


  • wtf??

    This makes zero sense. You can't lead YCC if you've never served on the board! Jon Wu is far more experienced than the other guy.

    I know Brian has been very involved and he's led a lot of intiatives for YCC.

    The YDN is not making nay sense whatsoever. Absurd.

  • bulldog

    I am glad Dwight Hall and the YDN saw through the hype and declared Beauchamp the best man for the job. This was a very brave endorsement, going against the huge friend-base Wu has built up.

    @21 Ahem.. Rich Tao did not serve on the board before becoming president and has been the most successful president the YCC has had in many years.

  • Jon Wu Supporter

    I'm the first to admit I'm an avid Jon Wu supporter, but I think anyone that has visited both Ryan and Jon's websites can agree that Jon has a better idea of what needs to be done on the YCC. Sure, Ryan's website is flashier (no pun intended), but Jon Wu actually explains each part of his plan in depth. After reading both statements, no one can claim that Jon has less substance.

    That being said I think that it was a mistake that Jon didn't highlight his website enough and focused too much on marketing. Otherwise the YD"N" may have actually read some of his ideas.

  • YCC Rep

    I think the YDN should remember that the YCC represents student opinion; according to the survey of the student body completed by the YCC, 1464 of 1704 respondents (about 86%) were interested in persuing a minor.

    Although the YDN is not supportive of minors, they should remember that this is something that the student body adamentely supports. Therefore, the YCC's attitude on this issue should be obviousl; there really is no reason to question further if this is a good issue to be focusing on.

  • Frustrated Observer

    I was generally disappointed by all of the endorsements offered by the YDN. If you are not going to throw the whole weight of your support behind an individual, then it isn't worth the half-assed endorsements posted here. All of the endorsements boil down to a statement like this: "All of the candidates are generally uninteresting and identical, but if pressed to make a decision, we suppose we will endorse…" Endorsements are a manifestation of legitimate good feeling towards a candidate for what they can offer, who a candidate is as a person, and their ability relative to the ability of their opponents. If I were one of the candidates who received one of these poorly written, somewhat insulting "endorsements", especially Adam Thomas, whose endorsement I find the most objectionable, I would repudiate them immediately. I had tremendous respect for the YDN as an arbiter of what constituted legitimate news in a well-delievered fashion. These endorsements were slapped together in the wee hours of the morning without any feeling and it showed. Shame on you YDN.

  • Anonymous

    #22: Rich Tao was a dedicated council member before serving as President, although he wasn't member of the E-board. Ryan has never served on the YCC, not as council member, not as council member, not as associate member, not as anything.

    and J.V Feb Club is indeed the lamest election ploy ever. all the more reason to vote for Jon.

  • @ #23

    You clearly didn't look at Ryan's platform if you think Wu's of more substance.

  • @ #26

    You said "not as a council member" twice.

    Wu did serve on the E-board as Treasurer, and he did a terrible job. They're out of money and scrapping for cash!

    And if you thought JV Feb Club was an election ploy, you're well… for lack of a better word… just plain old dumb. Ryan's just doing his job as JCC Chair. He didn't use it in his campaign, while Jon Wu did use the "notebooks" as a major ploy for his campaign.

    Those notebooks sucked anyways, they were littered with ads and just very ugly. That's besides the point— the point is, Wu hasn't done anything as an E-Board Member.

  • saint

    "Beauchamp may have less YCC experience than Wu, but his dedication will outweigh his thinner resume," the newspaper wrote.

    Did the newspaper staff cracked 600 on SAT critical reading? How could you deduce dedication from a thinner resume? Dedication results from actions, not words.

  • Anonymous

    #6: I absolutely agree with you that policy is very important, but people need to understand that without the knowledge of how the Council works, even the best ideas won't go through. I've been on student council at Yale, and I admit that YCC and YCC's workings (as they are dealing with the Yale administration) have so much bureaucracy to itself. I have nothing against Ryan's ideas (and he's in my college, so *technically* I should support him), but he's gonna have to spend half a year learning to maneuver through the YCC bureaucracy to even get his idea through. As much as we don't like to admit it, student council, like real politics, is as much about finding the right channels as the ideas themselves.

    I also want to reiterate what #26 pointed out: Rich Tao and Rebecca Taber were NOT "YCC outsiders"!! Both of them had served on YCC in full capacity before running for election (they didn't serve as an executive member). YDN, as a mass public media, should stop trying to pull such dirty tricks of misinformation on its readers.

    I respect Ryan as a candidate, but judging by his (lack of) successful track record, I think Jon has done a lot more. While Ryan has experience on the Sophomore class council -- SOCO was so badly run and useless that it didn't not get recognized by Yale as an official undergraduate organization until THIS YEAR (thanks to Sonia Gupta). I don't know about what he brought to JCC, but all I heard was the JV Feb. Club. If THAT's what you call "fresh ideas and policies," then I am really, really disappointed.

  • Poor Corinna

    You represent everything that is wrong with Wu as a President. YCC members like Wu, and you (the rhyme is so easy), perpetuate the expectation that nothing can get done. You said "he's gonna have to spend half a year learning to maneuver through the YCC bureaucracy to even get his idea through." What makes it any different for Wu?

    You speak of Ryan's "(lack of) successful track record" — and I don't even know what you're referring to? But what about Wu's track record?

    You're on YCC, so… shouldn't you know that there is no "treasure" in the treasury? You know who the current YCC treasurer is? It's Jon Wu.

    I'm shocked at how transparent and poorly thought-out your Wu endorsement/Beauchamp bashing is.

    I don't care that you're a YCC member… what have you done Corinna? You're another resume-stacking YCC rep… big deal.

  • true measure

    Jon Wu or Ryan Beauchamp… it doesnt really matter. A year from now, Jon will have a F grade when it comes to fulfilling his campaign promises, and if Ryan had won, nothing more or less would have been accomplished either. Kudos to all staff who wasted all their time on these pointless elections.

  • end of the world

    Hey guys,

    The world isn't going to end with Wu in or out. In fact, not much will change if the whole YCC disappeared.

    Colin Adamo's bid represents what is so fundamentally true about YCC as a whole: a joke.

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