Briefly: 17-year-old killed in Friday homicide

At 3:25 p.m. Friday a 17-year-old New Haven resident was fatally shot outside 360 Shelton Ave., near the Hamden town line, City Hall spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga said. The victim, Maurice Nicholson, was transported to an area hospital where he later died. The New Haven Register reported that a witness saw the victim holding a gun and that a small-caliber handgun was found near the victim, but police would not say if the gun belonged to the victim. The shooting is the fourth homicide in the city in February and the fifth so far in 2009. The city saw 22 murders over 2008, and 13 over 2007.


  • The Boondock Saints

    Ahh . . . another "child" to add to the statistics.

    There is no category in the statistics used by the VPC or Brady Campaign for "17yo gangster toting a stolen gun."

    How many murders in New Haven this year have been OF bad guys BY bad guys?

    Should we care if they kill each other off?

  • 09yalie

    that comment is so offensive on so many levels i'm not sure it's even worth taking the time to dignify with a refutation.

  • Anonymous

    If #1 is working or will be working in any health related fields I urge you to reconsider. After sitting in the YNHH emergency room one friday night and witnessing the aftermath of a gang shooting and stabbing, I feel that all people should be entitled to medical attention. We should care if they are killing eachother. Violence only breeds more violence.

  • Jea'na Miles

    U realli need to get your facts straight. Maurice was not a bad dude. He was one of the few dudes that actually went to school and was handeling his own so he could get out if New Haven. He was one of the few that had a good head on his sholder, dosent have any kids and was about to graduate. The people who shot him were going for who he was with……NOT Maurice…so i advise u to get your facts stragiht