Briefly: ICE raid removes family from Fair Haven home

A Fair Haven woman remains in a Maine detention facility weeks after the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency conducted a raid on her home in search of illegal immigrants last month. Julia Morales, a 44-year-old Pentecostal pastor who has lived in the area for the last 25 years, was arrested along with her husband, Juan, and two others living in the house after eight agents entered and searched the house and asked all present for valid identification. Controversy has raged over such immigration raids ever since 2007, when ICE agents detained 32 illegal immigrants from New Haven. New Haven Community Services Administrator Kica Matos said the Morales’ detention was unwarranted. “She has not received so much as a traffic ticket,” she said. “She should not have been a priority.”


  • Ali

    “She should not have been a priority.”

    Totally begs the issue of whether she herself is here illegally or is aiding and abetting others in her household who are.

  • Tim

    ICE is at fault for enforcing the country's immigration laws?

    No wonder people are jumping the citizenship line. My family was dumb for doing it legally.

  • Believe in Laws

    Ice is not in the wrong. It's wrong for our politicians to allow hope for another amnesty, which they keep on giving. Why would any sane person wait on a list, prove health,wealth and education to enter this country when unlawful entries are given amnesty every time. I prefer a legal immigrant vs an illegal alien anytime. There are many more people in worse situations than those entering illegally.

  • justme

    ICE, wasn't wrong detaining these people. What is wrong is the treatment of these people once they are detined. Hopefully they are being held in a better facility than some in other parts of the country.