Briefly: NHPD relaunches narcotics unit

The New Haven Police Department’s narcotics enforcement unit was relaunched Sunday. The unit was disbanded in March 2007 after a scandal in which three officers, including the head of the unit, were charged with corruption. In November 2008, a victim of the unit’s illegal actions filed a civil suit against the city. Since the unit was disbanded almost two years ago, the Connecticut State Police’s Statewide Narcotics Task Force has handled narcotics investigations in New Haven. According to the New Haven Register, the NHPD’s reinvigorated narcotics enforcement unit will be composed of 12 new Drug Enforcement Administration-trained detectives. These detectives were promoted Friday.


  • Rossi

    well we will see, the last troup is all in prison ,probation, crying onto the affidavit of the informant type.They ran the hoodlum list from A to Z.
    The mug shots of the dozens and dozens of terminated police officers will be an example of what no to do