Blair to continue working with Yale

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair wrapped up his first semester at Yale with a major December address that laid out significant expansion plans for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

The University’s Faith & Globalization initiative — a partnership between the School of Management, the Divinity School and Blair’s foundation — will grow over the next two years to become a major Universitywide effort, Blair and Yale officials pledged Dec. 11.

In that time, the University will work with the London-based foundation to publish a major book on the subject of faith and globalization and establish student internships at the foundation’s London offices. Meanwhile, Blair said his foundation would base staff on campus and make Yale the headquarters of its United States operations.

The Faith & Globalization initiative, to be spearheaded by the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, will also expand course offerings on the subject of faith and sponsor discussions encouraging Christian-Muslim dialogue, including two forums to be held at Yale in 2010 and 2012.

Before the address, Blair taught the final session of his seminar in Linsly-Chittenden Hall. The class — entitled “Faith and Globalization: Where do we go from here?” — reviewed topics the course had already covered during the semester and provided a final look at the junction of faith and globalization.

Blair, who spoke to the News and other local media outlets in a roundtable discussion at the President’s House before his seminar, had said in a telephone interview on the eve of his first class in September that he was nervous about returning to the classroom after so many years.

“I really enjoyed it,” Blair said Dec. 11. “I was a bit apprehensive because this was a completely different thing for me. But once the students got less shy with me and I got less shy with them — then it was fine. We had a really good time together.”

Blair attended every third meeting of the seminar, which he co-taught with Divinity School professor Miroslav Volf. Speaking to reporters, Blair admitted that he did not have much time to explore Yale or New Haven during his visits to campus this semester.

But the former prime minister suggested that could change when he returns to campus next fall for the second year of his three-year commitment to teach at Yale.

“I haven’t been able to go and try out the pizza,” Blair said. “I’m really sorry about that, but this is going to be rectified soon because everyone’s been telling me about it.”


  • Yale Question

    The merging of 'religion' is nothing new. The Romans (Catholic), through Constantine, merged what Jesus represented in the flesh, and Pagan worship of the day. This is why the sabbath was changed to a Sunday, why Easter, even it's name, has Rabbits and eggs, I believe from the Goddess of fertility Ishtar, who's gates are in Berlin's museum of Pergamos, from the original Babylon (near Bahgdad) where believers in Jesus were killed.

    There is one thing to be aware of. The worshiping of False Gods, other than the Lord God of the Holy Bible, who's son is Jesus Christ, ends up in judgement. At the end of King Solomon's rule he disobeyed God, and drought came to his land for three years, punishment for flirting with other false pagan God's (this was through him marrying woman from other lands that brought in their false god's).

    Evident in the Truth, being the Word of God, the Holy Bible, in 1 Kings 18:17-45, Elijah proved that there is no other God by proving it against 450 'prophets' of Baal (Baal links into modern Islam, Muslim). These profits were killed. Read it for yourself, don't believe what I write! Read it in the Bible!

    God send's armies against nations that dissobey His commands, for those who don't repent and change their ways. The ultimate army will one day soon come down from heaven and slew those who don't recognise Jesus as Lord of Lords. He loves you all, and if you want to know if he is real, just ask in prayer that he reveal himself to you. You don't sign up for anything, you don't come under some earthly authority, nor are you labelled in a denomination. You, by excepting Jesus in your heart are saved, saved for eternity. Religion is the non-existance of God, it's based on man's rules, a desire for control.

    Blair is deceived, because he is trying to blend pagan modified belief with pagan belief. It is of one anyway. Jesus is the answer. Judgement is coming, don't let it find you sleeping.

    Love to you and your families. Jesus is the answer.