AROUND NEW HAVEN | Mayor awards $128K for city’s youth organizations

Wednesday at City Hall, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. announced a grant of $128,000 to be awarded, for the fourth time in two years, to city nonprofits focused on children and teen initiatives. Sixteen groups will split these Youth Capacity Building Grants in the coming year. Past recipients have been the Boys & Girls Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and Solar Youth. The grant represents a $32,000 decrease from the amount awarded this time last year, in the program’s second cycle.


  • MikeConrad

    Stupid ritual–and they should at least choose someone handsome!

  • PeachLeeann

    I would have to agree with MikeConrad. This seem to be childish and classless. Not funny at all.

  • DocHollidaye

    I couldn’t imagine what you both meant until I started to view the video. I’m perplexed perhaps this was funny amongst the participants. And it’s one of those things you would have to be there to understand.

    Was this supposed to be a spoof on women’s beauty pageants?

  • PositivePolly

    Or perhaps we have a few Negative Nancies lingering around. The pageant was brilliantly staged showcasing the talents that makes each individual different and humorous in their own way. I disagree with you all. Encapsulating the pageant as childish and classless is exactly that. With all the stresses of college why not have a little fun? Winner Marty Keil is a very handsome man, not that looks matter. The gall you have towards Keil is disgusting.

    **A little bit of encouragement goes a long way.**