Palin’s Feminism

Staff cartoon.


  • Anonymous

    George Patsourakos
    I think this cartoon distorts Palin's ideas on feminism. Because Palin favors pro-life does not mean she wants to send to prison all women who have an abortion. Rather, it means that she would prefer that these women continued their pregnancy to term -- just as her own unmarried 17-year-old pregnant daughter is doing -- instead of having an abortion. The cartoon is also incorrect, in that the doctors who performed abortions before 1973 (when the U.S. Supreme Court in effect legalized abortions) would go to prison and lose their medical license; the woman who had the abortion would not go to prison. Bottom line: This cartoonist needs to get the facts straight -- perhaps even do some research -- before producing a cartoon!

  • PJC27

    Palin thinks Ayres is a terrorist, but not folks who bomb abortion clinics?
    Palin is no feminist, she is a dingbat dressed in womens clothes. Nothing woman related about her or her views. Dummy.