Engineers stranded on scaffold while working on A&A

Two engineers working on the renovation of the Rudolph Building — formerly the Art and Architecture building — were stranded 100 feet high on faulty scaffolding Thursday evening.

Around 5 p.m., as the two were examining one of the building’s walls, a cable that held the platform on which they were standing failed, leaving them dangling. City firefighters and the workers for the building contractor, Turner Construction, brought the two safely to the ground, according to Associated Press reports. Neither engineer was hurt, but according to the New Haven Register, they were taken to a hospital “as a precaution.”

According to WTNH, Rob Denny of Turner Construction said “safety precautions were all in place.”

“We practice these events with these gentleman and the fire lane access was available,” he said, according to the report. “Thank god everything went smoothly.”

The accident is currently under investigation, City Hall spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga wrote in an e-mail.


  • lisa mullins

    you have to be kidding me. someone with the state of connecticut should look into turner construction's operations!! this is the same company where nooses were found on the jobsite. Does anybody realize that turner construction is owned and operated by a germany company, HOCHTIEF Construction. Somebody with the federal government should probably begin looking into and investigating HOCHTIEF Construction operating practices.

  • karl t

    also…this is the same company that is at fault up in hartford, connecticut at the saint francis hospital. Turner Construction messedup that project. that construction project is stopped because Turner Construction did not think to reinforce existing office building walls. now the hospital will have to pay thousands of dollars more. the project will cost over one million dollars more because of turner construction's negligence.