Presidential candidate Mike Gravel should not be overlooked during primaries

To the Editor:

For months the media has marginalized the historic campaign of Mike Gravel, the first moderately insane Alaskan ever to run for president, and the third Democratic candidate still in the race.

Some will say that Gravel has been ignored because he is not a “serious” candidate; but ,in writing him off, the press has allowed the Democratic candidates to escape discussion of some of the most pressing issues for which he has been a voice.

It was Gravel, in the early presidential debates, who was most outspoken about the need for the Senate to get serious about ending the Iraq War and avoiding another war with Iran while Obama was busy skipping votes to campaign and Clinton was trying to appear moderate (apparently defined by supporting a massively unpopular and costly war).

Gravel has a history of true service to his country, filibustering extension of the draft during the Vietnam War, and allowing the release of the Pentagon Papers by reading them into the Senate Record, standing up against the Nixon administration.

In his campaign, Gravel has taken strong stances against the War on Drugs, in favor of a fair immigration policy, against the failed No Child Left Behind policy, in support of equal marriage rights for gays, and in favor of real universal health care, not the weak measures supported by Clinton and Obama.

To bring it closer to our own lives, he supports lowering the drinking age to 18 and is the only candidate who feels it worth his time to make a public appearance at Yale, as he will be doing next Wednesday.

David Porter

Feb. 7

The writer is a sophomore in Saybrook College. He is a member of the Yale Political Union’s Liberal Party.


  • Shawn

    Are we really living in a free society, when we have no control over the issues that affect our lives, except to vote some corrupt politicians into office every 4 or 6 years? And if even in those elections, the media gets to choose who is heard and who is not?

  • Aqvinas

    Thanks for the post. It's terrible for us how urgent issues are just glossed over.
    Sen. Gravel exposed Hillary's vote for Lieberman II and since then the dem. party has banned Gravel from the debates.
    Gravel still has 8 months and things can change because Obama and Hillary are going to look more and more like the corporate shills they are. Gravel has enough time establish his real credentials.

  • nancy benstead

    Kudos to everyone who sees Mike Gravel as a worthy candidate. He is the only sane, honest person in this horse race.
    The media should be ashamed for not treating him with more respect. I do believe that the mighty might be frightened.

  • PeaceBrother

    How refreshing to hear such fresh and optimistic viewpoints. Power to the People! Don't give up! Gravel '08!!

  • DebbieKat

    This is a very well-written opinion and the writer is absolutely correct. Gravel brings very important issues to light and doesn't just give lip service to potential voters. He's as honest as they come. Kucinich did as well. And notice how BOTH were banished from the debates. It's very important that the public hear their messages. The only change Obama and Clinton will bring is the change in corporate owners' pockets. THAT'S the truth.

    The media silencing is so bad that on many news sources, you wouldn't even know that Gravel is still running. He appears nowhere on NPR's website for example and they have NEVER spoken to either Gravel or Kucinich.