Yesterday’s article on changes to Yale billing misstated the nature of student account statement distribution. The University sends e-mails notifying students that their account statements are available via eBill-ePay; it does not send the statements directly to an e-mail address.


  • iggis

    First shame: Yale admissions office admitted the guy.

    Second shame: The residential college and Yale undergraduate never spotted anything dishonest and actionable on the guy.

    Third shame: The guy is just a dumb-assed jock. But because he played football, Yale kept him.

    Fourth shame: Yale gave its degree to him.

    Fifth shame: By his Baccalaureate speeches, this makes President Levin a hypocrite.

    Sixth shame: Yale will never rescind the degree it gave to him.

    Seventh shame: Yale will contact him and his family for money, just as if everything were normal.

    Final shame: There are others like him at Yale today.

    You guys make me sick.