This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here.

Yesterday’s article, “As workers picket, students adapt,” misstated the rebate amount students on the 14-meal plan received. The actual amount was $84.64.


  • stefano

    There is barely a sentence I agree with. And regarding: “What makes being a writer or a farmer or a painter more laudable than working at a consulting firm? Consider professional football players who make millions, or the people who deliver our mail each day: Both work to supply a service that is demanded by the marketplace. Bankers, traders, equity researchers and consultants provide a service that has been assigned a particular value — they receive compensation that reflects such value. It is fair to object to how society values different professions, but it is unfair to demonize the people who reap rewards for their work.” I don’t think Gidado could disagree with the fact that there is alo a certain market demand for pedophilia pornography, drugs, prostitution and so on: Are these legitimated because they respond to an external market demand? Is it “unfair to demonize the people who reap rewards for their work”, namely drugdealers and pimps? Perhaps finance jobs are not as harmful as drug dealing and prostitution, but this it legitimation cannot come from what you claim, it cannot come from its market demand.