Commencement 2020 is a special issue of the Yale Daily News, the oldest college daily. While the daily version of the paper is typically designed and edited by members of the junior class, “spissues” marks a time where the sophomore reporters take over as editors, guiding first-year reporters as they write spissues content. Commencement spissues are usually distributed in print on the day of graduation, and seniors and their families alike can read highlights from the past four years collected in a single volume.

While the Class of 2020 unfortunately cannot enjoy their regular commencement together on campus, the Yale Daily News is proud to present the online version of spissues, with all of the content (and more) that the Class of 2020 and their families would have received had graduation gone as planned. Though the pandemic has prevented seniors from experiencing the traditional conclusion to their time at Yale, we at the YDN hope that this look back — while in a different format — will help seniors remember the past four years and all that they have accomplished.

The Commencement Issue editors would also like to thank our predecessors — graduating members of the masthead of 2018-2019 — for their contributions to Yale and to the News. Congratulations on your graduation!

The following editors contributed to putting together this issue.


John Besche

Mackenzie Hawkins

Valerie Pavilonis

Freya Savla

Kelly Wei

Carrie Zhou


William McCormack


Rabhya Mehrotra


Ella Goldblum

Madison Hahamy

Andrew Kornfeld


Megan Graham

Louie Lu

Annie Yan


Daniel Kim

Ashley Qin


Julia Burgiel

Yaa Owusu


Zoe Berg

Lukas Flippo

Amay Tewari


Erin Bailey

Ako Ndefo-Haven

Hailey O’Connor

Natalie Simpson


Dora Guo

Sophie Henry


Sevi Burget-Foster

Natalie Kainz

Maya Weldon-Lagrimas