Yale class of 2020: By the numbers

The YDN has collected data looking at the class of 2020's plans post-graduation. The data covers the future jobs, incomes and locations of Yalies.

Record-breaking gifts change the landscape of Yale

With its first buildings initially financed by Elihu Yale centuries ago, Yale continues to develop as it accepts more major gifts from donors.

Windham-Campbell literary festival continues to thrive

Every year, the Windham-Campbell Prizes bring accomplished writers to campus from all around the world.

Spring Flings 2016-20

An all-female lineup — featuring Ari Lennox, the Aces, Elohim and Rico Nasty — was set to headline the 25th anniversary of Yale’s Spring Fling on April 25. The concert, traditionally held on Old Campus prior to final exams, was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But performances in past years [...]

Honors in the Arts: Yalies win Oscars, Grammys and more

Over the past four years, Yalies have been honored with top prizes in the arts. Numerous Oscar and Grammy wins along with Guggenheim Fellowships have once again confirmed Yale's role as a leader in the arts.

Yale College Council recap: Task forces, mental health and UP

Over the past four years, YCC presidents have tackled academic reform, mental health services and diversity on campus.

Yale makes changes to major and course options

The past four years have seen myriad academic changes in Yale's graduate and undergraduate programs, from new majors to school rebrands.

Yale from 2016–2020 demographic changes

Yale is preparing to welcome the class of 2024 to a campus that looked vastly different just 4 years ago, when the class of 2020 arrived in New Haven.

Changes on the Yale map: Four years of shifting spaces on campus

In the past four years, various construction projects have slowly changed the face of Yale's campus.

Yale admits 6.27 percent of applicants to class of 2020

On March 31, 2016, 1,972 high school students from across the country and world were admitted to Yale's class of 2020.

In first-year address, Salovey rejects “false narratives”

In his first-year address, President Peter Salovey called on Yale's newest undergrads to engage with ideas that differ from their own.

Trump victory leaves Yalies and New Haven residents in shock

In the class of 2020's first semester on campus, Trump's upset victory shocked Yalies and New Haven residents alike.

Following much debate, Calhoun College renamed after Grace Hopper GRD ’34

The renaming of Calhoun College ignited tensions across campus for years, prompting serious discussion about how exactly to handle the darker parts of Yale's legacy.

Chun named dean of Yale College

When Marvin Chun was named dean of Yale College in April 2017, he said, “Yale should be a place in which everyone feels valued, for which everyone feels grateful, and from which we make the world better for others.”

Franklin, Murray colleges open

In August 2017, after years of planning, construction and heated debate, Yale’s first new residential colleges in more than half a century — Pauli Murray and Benjamin Franklin colleges — opened their doors to students.

Yale’s fraternities enter national spotlight

In 2017, fraternities on Yale's campus were thrust into the national spotlight. The past four years have featured allegations against fraternities including economic inequality, sexual assault and Title IX violations.

New Haven immigrant remains in church sanctuary

After immigration authorities declared him a priority for removal, Nelson Pinos entered sanctuary in a New Haven church. He has lived there for nearly 900 days.

Khan vs. Yale: The evolution of a case

The back-and-forth battle between Yale and Saifullah Khan continues to evolve even years after the initial accusations.

Whiffenpoofs break with all-male tradition

The Whiffenpoofs — a historically all-male senior a cappella group — admitted their first female singer, Sofía Campoamor ’19+1 in 2018. They continued to break tradition by admitting their first woman of color in 2019 — Neha Bhatt ’20+1 — and multiple non-male members in 2020: Morgan Baker ’21+1, Lauren Bond ’21+1 and Emma Rutan ’21+1.

Controversy over black student reported for napping in common room continues

A white student called the police on a black classmate for napping in a common room, drawing national attention and sparking an outcry on campus.

Yale Law students, community protest Kavanaugh confirmation

Joining thousands of demonstrators across the country, Yale students, alumni and community members protested the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh ’87 LAW ’90 to the Supreme Court.

Democrats win big in 2018 elections

Democrats swept the 2018 elections in Connecticut, winning control of the governorship and both houses of the state legislature.

Alders unanimously approve establishment of Civilian Review Board

Following decades of activism, the Board of Alders voted to establish a Civilian Review Board to address issues of police accountability and brutality in New Haven.

Yale implicated in college admissions scandal

Last spring, former Yale women's soccer coach was implicated in a nation wide college scandal now known as "Varsity Blues". Since then discussions from students and faculty have been raised regarding Yale's admissions policies.

ER&M program granted faculty positions after years of activism

Students and faculty have long advocated against what they call a lack of historical institutional support for ethnic studies. After years of organizing, the University provided ER&M senior professors with faculty positions.

Beloved employee Joshua Ham leaves Good Nature Market

Last spring, beloved Good Nature market employee, Joshua Ham, announced his departure from the deli in a Facebook post. A friendly face to many on campus, Ham's announcement was met with sad goodbyes.

Community protests officer-involved shooting

Right before classes ended last spring, Yale and Hamden police shot at an unarmed black couple in their car. The shooting ignited months of protests about police brutality and accountability in New Haven.

Yale commemorates female trailblazers after 50 years of coeducation

In 1969, the first women were admitted into Yale College. Read about Yale's first years of coeducation and the celebrations hosted on its 50th anniversary.

Justin Elicker elected 51st mayor of New Haven

Last fall, New Haven elected Justin Elicker SOM '10 FES '10 to the city's top office in a landslide. The campaign featured public blows, attack ads and grassroots organizing.

From the Yale Bowl to Connecticut Hall: A mounting debate over divestment

A string of recent protests and meetings, built on a decades-long conversation about investor responsibility, have thrown the ethics of Yale's holdings into the spotlight.

Yale’s challenges, adaptations and triumphs in the era of COVID-19

COVID-19 truncated the school year and cast doubt upon the fate of the fall 2020 semester, but even amid uncertainty, many Yalies continue to find hope, both in one another and in scholarship.

Yale scientists respond to COVID-19

As the world scrambles to respond to the novel coronavirus, Yale researchers have adapted prior studies to fit the current outbreak.

Jean Bennett ’76 to be 2020 Class Day speaker

Jean Bennett ’76, a professor of ophthalmology at the University of Pennsylvania, will deliver her Class Day address virtually to the class of 2020.