Eric Wang

Dear Pauli Murray Dining Hall,

Thank you for the past three years. I couldn’t have fully imagined my Yale experience without you. Part of the first-transferring class to Murray, I was searching for a place I could sincerely call home. A place where friends could gather and be vulnerable without judgment. A community built on positive energy. The Murray dining hall was that for me. It was a special place where accomplishments were celebrated, tea was spilt and friendships were made. Regardless of what was going on in my academic or personal life, I could always count on that space being there for me. 

The Murray dining hall was more than just a place for nourishment or socializing. It was a far more dynamic environment. From the midnight breakfasts to the class dances, it could become an entirely different atmosphere. It was where housing draws were hosted, and where we saw who would be living together for the upcoming year. Students’ cheers could be heard bellowing throughout the dining hall when they managed to secure their rooms of interest, while suspense and anxiety was left to the others awaiting their fates. During my sophomore year, I transferred with three friends to Murray in hopes of obtaining a quad. I remember filling out the housing application and waiting anxiously for the approval. Luckily, we secured the suite we wanted and never looked back. To Calvin, Harley and Guan, thanks for taking the risk and being a part of this special journey. 

To the Murray dining staff members, thank you for tirelessly working to provide for the students. From Joe and Frankie’s encouraging messages to Sonam’s fist-bumps, your genuine smiles and positive attitudes are contagious. You all will be missed. To all the friends that I broke bread with, thank you for being an integral part of the community that I was looking for. From the good times, when we celebrated acing an exam or dining on chicken schnitzel, to the tough times, when we needed a shoulder to lean on, I’ll cherish our conversations. While it’s unfortunate that our Yale journey has been abruptly halted, I know that we are a resilient community and we’ll come back stronger. To all my underclassmen friends, I look forward to using your guest swipes when I’m in town, particularly on Chicken Tender Thursday! To everyone, please stay safe and well.



Max Mao |