For the first time in more than a year, four Yale College class years convened on a drastically different campus.
How campus evolved over COVID

After two academic years heavily affected by the pandemic, campus in the 2021-2022 academic year saw a multitude of changes for new and returning Yalies.

Students return to campus at full capacity

A combination of shifting COVID-19 policies and first-day-of-school flooding cast uncertainty over beginning of school activities.

Yale’s art scene roars back after COVID-19 hiatus

Read highlights from Yale’s reinvigorated arts scene this year.

Winter Woes: University scrambles to deal with Omicron surge before students leave for break

Novel variant, Omicron, shakes up University plans prompting shifts in final exam administration, meal distribution, testing policies, and more.

Students face heavy housing shortages and last-minute changes

As alums observe a decline in Yale’s residential college communities, the class of 2024 faced severe shortages in the housing process this past spring, forcing many to live off-campus or be annexed in other colleges.

Many parts of campus roared back in full force, while others struggled to rebound.
University administrator allows student to take down banner naming killed Palestinians, admits ‘administrative errors’ 

After receiving permission from Pilar Montalvo, assistant vice president for university life, a student took down a banner that listed the names of thousands of Palestinians killed in Gaza during the Israel-Hamas war. Montalvo told the News there were “administrative errors” made in allowing the poster to go up and in authorizing the student to take it down.

Beraki aims to “redefine” Yale during term as YCC president

Council members have expressed optimism about working with YCC President Leleda Beraki to follow through on policies proposed in her campaign.

High turnover, low turnout, as YCC burns out

The class of 2026 is inheriting a strained college council with high senator turnover and record-low voter turnout.

Mental health services expanded amid continued frustrations

As demand for mental health services at Yale has increased, limited infrastructural expansions have been met by continued student frustration.

Student income contribution scrapped, but FGLI students say community lacks cohesion

In the past year, significant developments have been made to expand financial aid, yet FGLI students continue to face struggles and search for community.

Yale grappled with its past, present and future amid a skyrocketing endowment and looming legal threats.
A Lasting History: Yale confronts racism in past and present

In the past two years, Yale has been forced to grapple more directly with its ties to slavery and racism.

Chun’s academic agenda

Under the tenure of Dean Marvin Chun, Yale College saw the end of shopping period, the expansion of Credit/D/Fail, and struggles in the advising system.

Yale endowment soars to record $42.3 billion

Following record endowment growth, the University has unveiled new spending commitments and curbed its international investments.

Gage resignation sparks University-wide discourse on academic freedom

The professor’s decision to leave Grand Strategy left administrators and colleagues grappling with the meanings of academic freedom.

Supreme Court, federal courts to hear cases that could end affirmative action

This year, the Supreme Court is set to review cases against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill that could end affirmative action […]

A landmark contract was signed by University President Salovey, and the city re-elected Mayor Elicker by a landslide.
New Haven Police Chief search continues as Dominguez departs

Former NHPD Acting Chief Renee Dominguez, who was appointed to serve as the first permanent female chief for the department, faced rejection for the role and spent months tangled in a legal battle over remaining as acting chief.

Local 33 renews calls for labor contract

The unrecognized union for Yale’s graduate students raised their demands for a contract amid similar protests at peer institutions and an ongoing national labor rights movement.

“Hard-won progress:” Town-gown contribution plan sparks hope, apprehension

On the heels of its $11.1 billion endowment growth, Yale agreed to increase its voluntary contribution to New Haven by $52 million over six years. Still, alders’ reservations remain regarding agreement “loopholes.”

Yale continued to play a leading role in scientific research, even as several professional schools were embroiled in controversy.
Faculty hiring booms as Yale hones STEM

The Faculty of Arts & Sciences sought to hire more than 100 new professors as part of a push to boost faculty ranks and strengthen STEM departments.

School of Public Health transitions to independence after dean’s departure

YSPH hopes to create greater global influence in its journey to autonomy from the School of Medicine.

SalivaDirect finds COVID-19 in spit

The Yale-developed SalivaDirect is cheaper, faster and less invasive than traditional COVID-19 testing methods. Its impact has extended as far as the NBA and as local as New Haven testing sites, with more community partnerships hopefully on the horizon.

Students and faculty reacted strongly to geopolitical developments in China, Ukraine and Singapore.
Jackson School of Global Affairs opens this fall

The Jackson School of Global Affairs will open as Yale’s thirteenth professional school after meeting its fundraising target.

Yalies rally behind Ukraine

This spring, Yale affiliates strongly condemned Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and offered an outpouring of support.

Yale-NUS announces closure by 2025, “New College” takes its place

Yale-NUS students and faculty expressed immense dismay at the closing of their school’s doors. In 2025, Yale-NUS will merge with the NUS University Scholars Programme, and Yale’s name will be removed from the institution.

Global tensions between US and China deepen at Yale

A prominent professor’s suspension heightened faculty outrage over the Justice Department's “anti-espionage” China Initiative. Meanwhile, the Yale Investments Office re-evaluated its Chinese investments.

Are Yale’s climate goals enough?

The University community evaluated progress and pitfalls in Yale’s sustainability plan, drawing attention to critical goals such as full divestment in fossil fuels.