First-year infographic 2022
Filling the First-Year Void

The architecture of the 1928 wing of the Old Yale Art Gallery at the corner of Chapel and High Street is stunning: huge, arched windows […]

Yale Lingo

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since coming to Yale, it’s that Yalies really like to keep things brief. Here at Yale, anything and everything […]

Heroes, Villains and Libraries

So you’re coming to Yale… Congrats! Hooray! Be merry! You probably pushed yourself way too hard in high school, and you deserve a little celebration.  […]

Chasing Complicated: Strangers Turned Friends Turned Lovers

Life at Yale is complicated. Friendships are complicated — you fight and you drunk fight and you sober fight and you cry and apologize and […]

The Four Seasons

To live at Yale is to watch it transform across the seasons. Each season brings out a different version of Yale, a different environment to […]

Five Best Coffee Shops for Studying

Despite the complete lack of evidence of its effectiveness in increasing my concentration, this past year I began solely studying at coffee shops. Though in […]

Declassified Yale Survival Guide: College Edition Blurbs

So, you’ve moved in, your parents have just left, and you’re sitting in your comically small dorm just as Camp Yale is about to start, […]