Election 2020 is a special issue of the Yale Daily News, the Oldest College Daily, produced once every four years on Election Day during the year of a presidential election. There is no question that this year’s election is one like no other. We’ve seen record early voting turnout. We’re in the midst of a pandemic. And there’s so much more.

Our team of reporters, editors, photographers, illustrators, podcasters, videographers, designers and staffers has come together to create this issue of over 40 stories this year’s election in New Haven and beyond. 

In this issue, students, professors and experts weigh in on the critical news moment that is the 2020 election. From a voter guide to a satirical political debate and everything in between, our stories seek to answer a crucial question: How will this year’s election affect each and every one of us and our communities, and what can we do about it?


The following editors contributed to this issue:


Editor in Chief & President

Mackenzie Hawkins


Managing Editors

Jose Davila IV

Phoebe Liu



Susan Chen


Opinion Editors

Miranda Jeyaretnam

Rabhya Mehrotra


News Editors

Valerie Pavilonis

Kelly Wei 


City Editors

Emiliano Tahui Gómez

Meera Shoaib


Science & Technology Editor

Charlotte Zimmer


Arts Editor

Freya Savla


Sports Editors

Margaret Hedeman

William McCormack 



Ella Goldblum

Elizabeth Hopkinson

Andrew Kornfeld


YTV Editors

Sevi Burget-Foster

Natalie Kainz

Maya Weldon-Lagrimas

Nicole Westfall


Podcast Editor

Allison Park


Data Editors

Darwin Do

Ashley Qin 


Director of Finance

Graham Hardcastle


Copy Editors

Erin Bailey

Maya Geradi

Ako Ndefo-Haven

Natalie Simpson

Katie Taylor


Production & Design Editors

Zully Arias

Megan Graham

Isabella Huang

Louie Lu

Annie Yan


Photography Editors

Zoe Berg

Ryan Chiao

Lukas Flippo

Vaibhav Sharma

Amay Tewari


Illustrations Editors

Dora Guo

Anasthasia Shilov


Tech Team

Julia Burgiel

Yaa Owusu


Digital Desk

William McCormack

Laura Nicholas

Eric Wang

Maya Weldon-Lagrimas

Lucy Wilkins

Christie Yu

Daniel Zhao