Uskudar American Academy STEM classes struggle with gender gap

Despite an even distribution of 50 percent males and 50 percent females in the overall student body, the STEM courses at Uskudar American Academy comprise approximately forty percent female students.

Evanston high schoolers are taking college courses. Should other schools follow their lead?

As students enter high school at advanced levels of math, language and computer science, Northwestern University’s partnership with its local high school allows students to get ahead before heading to college. For similar schools, is this a model worth copying?

Caring for the caregivers: the mental health crisis wracking veterinarians and staff in the United States

The veterinary science industry faces several mental health challenges and an alarmingly high suicide rate.

U.S. communities grapple with changes wrought by tourism increase

Social media is influencing the tourist industry, but how does this rise in tourism impact communities?

From culture to controversy: low wages and high risks in India’s bangle industry

Firozabad, India is the world’s largest producer of bangles, but exploitation of labor and incredibly low wages is the price paid for that coveted title.

Long Islanders reflect on hometown hero Billy Joel’s legacy

Billy Joel has listed his $49 million home for sale after living in Long Island for more than 20 years. Locals talk about their experiences with and memories of Joel.

Tattoos as a reflection of identity and empowerment.

In a world that often tries to dictate who we are and how we should look, tattoos offer a powerful form of self-expression.

Why do low clothing prices generate huge social and climate issues?

Students reflect on fast fashion and its impact.

Discovering health disparities: bridging the gap in the local community

A rising issue of health disparities persists within the local community of metro Atlanta, having led to an increase in organizations’ efforts to bridge the healthcare gap.

‘A project to get people talking:’ Virginia’s capital heals through public art

A local Richmond artist created the project called “Mending Walls” amid the Black Lives Matter protests in the city in 2020.

Midterms and the Stress That Ensues

As post-winter break exams near for many high school students, many students are reflecting on the question of exam effectiveness post-versus pre-winter break.

High school students and alumni reflect on changing fashion trends in today’s public high schools

In 2024, high school fashion is all about fitting in — many students report preferring to wear the same comfy sweats, creating a vibe where standing out is not as important.

Bridging cultures: high school exchange students in the U.S.

Exchange students serve as ambassadors of cultural understanding

‘The educational system totally collapsed’: Online education amid Burmese Civil War attempts to close education gap

As civil unrest in Myanmar approaches its three-year anniversary, education initiatives abroad aim to continue educating Burmese students to allow them to pursue their interests and provide future opportunities.

‘Empowered autonomous:’ How titles bring twists and turns in teaching

Selective colleges affiliated with Mumbai University have been given the title “empowered autonomous.”

Manhattan high schoolers lead attack against food waste

NYC teens are combating food injustice, one leftover at a time.

“Where’s toner, where’s retinol cream?!” Is Sephora considered the new trend for young girls?

Sephora's popularity is surging among children, many of whom — some adult customers claim — exhibit poor shopping etiquette towards customers and employees.