Click here to view the winners of the February 2021 Journalism Competition!

All groups participating in the International High School Journalism Program will have the opportunity to enter the Journalism Competition. All entries must be in English. To participate in the competition, we ask that you select and submit 5 of the best articles from your online site as well as access to the newspaper’s website. Seasoned Yale Daily News journalists will assess the quality of the paper using various standards, detailed below, and choose the top three submissions that best represent quality journalism. 

We will also give out awards and honorary mentions for the best:

  1. News article
  2. Feature article or longform piece
  3. Opinion column
  4. Photo or Photo essay
  5. Sports article
  6. Culture article


  • Quality of written content
  • Copy style (grammar and consistency)
  • Design and layout
  • Visuals (e.g. photos and graphics)