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The FerryHawks are bringing professional baseball back to Staten Island.

Since the Staten Island Yankees lost their affiliation with the New York Yankees a year and a half ago, their stadium in St. George sat relatively quiet. The stadium, recently renamed as the Staten Island University Hospital, or SIUH, Community Park, had been hosting a slew of other community events, including concerts and school graduations in the meantime. But as of April, there has been a new team in town bringing baseball back to the stadium. 

The FerryHawks are a new, independent baseball organization in the Atlantic League which is not overseen by Major League Baseball. Local residents have already begun to show up in large crowds supporting the team. 

“I have been overwhelmed by the intensity of the fans and how into games they are,” President of the FerryHawks Eric Shuffler said.

Shuffler noted how the FerryHawks players enjoy the environment and playing in front of their fans.  

SIUH Community Park will be much more than just the home of the FerryHawks, though. According to Shuffler, busy winter and spring calendars are already planned for the field. The stadium plans to host everything from musical events to amateur sports in the coming months.

“The FerryHawks significantly exceeded my expectations,” remarked Staten Island resident Bob Schmitt, 37.. Schmitt attended a FerryHawks game earlier this season. “I am just so happy professional baseball is back on Staten Island,” he said.

Fellow fan Mary Parker echoed this sentiment, stating that attending a FerryHawks game was “an amazing experience.” Parker said the games are perfect to attend with friends and family.

With tickets around $14 each, FerryHawks games are fairly affordable for Staten Island families.

It looks like baseball is back in Staten Island and here to stay. If the FerryHawks continue to generate excitement and the stadium is utilized as often as all involved hope it will be, SIUH Community Park could become a fixture on Staten Island for years to come.

FerryHawks player Kelsie Whitmore became the first woman to pitch in an Atlantic League game on May 4.