Sarah Shapiro

Geroge Floyd’s death, on May 25, 2020, was the last straw for not only the people who were directly affected by these acts of racism and cruelty but also for advocates who believe in The Black Lives Matter movement. 

We are a strong persevering country. When we want something done, we get it done. No matter how long it takes, no matter the hours we will stand on the streets in protest, no matter the number of opposers, we stick together and achieve our goal. 

And although it baffles me that it has taken our country this long to unite as one and stand for equality, it is better late than never. 

The New York Times Article entitled Black Lives Matter May Be The Largest Movement in US History explained 15 to 25 million people have partaken in this movement in the United States.

Our world is looking for progress, and even months later protests aren’t uncommon. 

Even in my small town, I have been able to participate in protests. It was powerful and strong, everyone there was passionate and open-minded. Our country cares about equality because at the end of the day we are all human. No one deserves to walk down the street fearing for their life for no reason other than the color of their skin. 

We are all human, skin color doesn’t determine the life you are set to live. Skin color shouldn’t allow people to fear you. That is our mistake as a country, we have created this idea that Black people are criminals or up to no good. Now is the time that we are fixing our mistakes. 

The New York Times article shows a study conducted by the New York Times analyst which shows there have been about 4,700 protests since the death of George Floyd. 

We are a strong, united country. Even in the high school level students are looking to make an impact in the world. 

Member of the Equity Team and rising senior at Pascack Valley Highschool in Hillsdale New Jersey, Ellie Schaumberger said that it was outrageous that out there was a video of a man getting killed and nothing could be done about it. She went on to say in the past few months people have become more aware of these problems, and she doesn’t believe we as a country will stop until we get justice. 

Social media has been proven beneficial when it came to helping this movement stay alive. On Instagram and Snapchat kids, teenagers, and adults are continuously posting to advocate for this movement. Such as pictures of people we have lost due to police brutality, petitions, and ways to help. 

Our country has realized the mistakes we have made and understands that we need to stand up for one another. We are all human we all should be treated with the same respect. Until we make that wish into a reality, the protest, petitions, and social media posts will persist.