About Yale TV

YTV is the multimedia desk of the Yale Daily News, which basically means we make videos! From start to finish, we record, film and edit every video, so if you are interested in any part of the filmmaking process, then we urge you to join us! Our content varies from lighter, human-interest stories to explanatory and investigative pieces — everything from camera techniques and reporting tips to video editing can be easily learned. All you need is a positive attitude and a passion for reporting! We encourage reporters to try to complete 1–2 video segments every month, which we believe is an extremely manageable and rewarding commitment. We also invite reporters and contributors from other desks to produce videos with us. We believe that video journalism is on the rise and will continue to become more and more important with time!

To get involved or join the panlist, email wes.day@yale.edu or lucy.wilkins@yale.edu.


How Yale TV Works

There are generally two to three YTV Editors. Editors are typically sophomores or juniors who have 1–2 years of experiences as a Staff Reporter. They are responsible for generating story ideas, giving guidance to reporters, editing content and handling administrative tasks like uploading videos and maintaining equipment.

Staff Reporters are responsible for hosting YTV’s recurring segment, “Your Yale Week,” as well as helping to develop video content. At the end of the fall and spring semesters, Contributing Reporters who have produced two full-length videos called “packs” and a supplement, a shorter video that is often paired with an article, are eligible to join as Staff Reporters following a process called “heeling,” during which they perform tasks that allow them to get a better feel for the News and other desks.

Contributing Reporters include anyone, from reporters on other desks to people who have never stepped foot in the News’ building before! Contributing Reporters can help develop video content for YTV and get involved in reporting/researching, filming, editing or any combination of those tasks! Contributing Reporters also help host YTV’s recurring segment, “Your Yale Week,” which recaps major stories at the end of each week.