WEEKEND is the coziest, chillest, funnest desk at the Yale Daily News. A weekly supplement published on Fridays, WKND is an outlet for long-form journalism, personal essays, arts and culture reviews, humor and more. Think The New York Times Magazine — we have the luxury of a weekly news cycle, which allows us to respond to the news with more depth and creativity. Also, we are the only desk that can publish the word “fuck”… so you know, there’s that.

Whether you’re interested in writing essays or satire, diving deep into the Yale art world or reporting on issues important to Yale and New Haven, there’s a place for you at WKND. Your voice can be heard! Come catch us in the WKND lounge — the comfy, red sofa-ed room at the top of the stairs! — if you have any questions, or want a friend.

How to get involved with WEEKEND:

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There are four WKND Editors who gather and edit content each week. WKND Editors are usually sophomores or juniors who have written as Staff Reporters for one to two years beforehand.

At the end of the fall and spring semesters, writers who have written for WKND throughout the semester can heel the section and become WKND Staff Reporters. To become a Staff Reporter, you must have completed the heeling requirements for that semester. This semester, the requirements to heel the WKND section are to write five WKND pieces including one feature, write one A-Section article, write one YDN Magazine pitch, take one photo or illustration assignment, copy edit for one shift and take a Production & Design shift (optional). As a Staff Reporter, you write regularly for WKND.