About University

The News Desk publishes stories, features and analyses about everything happening at Yale — from President Peter Salovey’s new policies and Yale’s finances to misconduct in fraternities. We even occasionally get Twitter shoutouts from Phil Rucker (an esteemed former News editor himself), so we’re obviously ~the coolest~. We usually run anywhere between six and eight stories a day, and our reporters are the first ones to find scoops on the most important on-campus topics.

Joining us is easy — just email skakel.mccooey@yale.edu and carly.wanna@yale.edu to be added to our panlist and then grab a story from our General Assignments email (coming to your inbox every Thursday night!). GAs are topics for future stories, which will be roughly 650-850 words each and will be spread out throughout the week. Taking a GA every week is a great, relatively low-commitment way to join the desk and learn how to write about different topics — events, talks, policies, etc.

If you’ve never written for a newspaper before — or if you’re a seasoned writer — we would love for you to get involved!

Here are some of our most-read stories from this year:

Khan and his consort: Former confidant now accuses Khan of assault

A flag of underwear: Photo from Kavanaugh’s time shows DKE hijinks

Development Office courts “VIP” high schoolers, children of potential donors

Yale Library Security releases lipsync video

Racially provocative flyers surface on Cross Campus


How University Works

There are two University Editors, who are responsible for editing University stories each night, sending out GAs, reviewing pitches from beat reporters each week and coordinating larger investigative projects. They are typically juniors who have been working with the desk for two years, most recently as a beat reporters in their sophomore year.

Beat Reporters are typically sophomores who have spent at least a semester writing for YDN during their first year at Yale. They apply for a “beat,” or area of coverage, in late September their sophomore fall. Beat reporters write from three to five stories a week. Examples of beats include Student Life, Faculty&Academics, and Woodbridge Hall.

Associate Beat Reporters are typically first-years who have completed a semester as a Contributing Reporter in the fall and heeled at the end of the fall semester. In their spring semester, after they join staff, they have the option of working as a general Staff Reporter taking General Assignments or applying for an Associate Beat (colloquially known as a “mini beat”). Associate Beat reporters get assigned an area of the University to cover, much like beat reporters (but the mini beat area is much smaller in scope). Associate Beat Reporters and general Staff Reporters are required to write at least one story a week. Mini beats include the Yale College Council, Greek Life, and Academic Centers. It’s never too late to join staff, however, even if you’re a sophomore or a junior!

Contributing Reporters are anyone and everyone who wants to write for University and take a General Assignment from the panlist!