About Tech

The Yale Daily News Tech Team is in charge of any technological endeavor that the newspaper wants to take on. We update and maintain the News’ website, build new websites, make data visualization content and talk to management about moving the news in a more web-focused direction. This year, we’re specifically working on a complete redesign of the website to improve our online presence. If you’re interested in joining the Tech Team, working on a website that receives millions of views per year or making news more accessible through technology, email sara.lewis@yale.edu or lenny.khazan@yale.edu!

How Tech Works

At the beginning of each academic year, 2–3 members who have spent at least a year on the team can elect to run for the position of Technology Director. This is a board position and requires a higher time commitment: Technology Directors are responsible for recruiting and interviewing new members, organizing teams and projects, and working with management and editors to oversee and update the main YDN website.

Tech doesn’t have as formal of a structure as many other desks at the YDN, as we create our own projects and work with other desks when they approach us. Over the course of a semester, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue whatever work you find most interesting and valuable to you. In the past, members of the Tech Team have:

  • Found and developed a data project they were interested in from start to finish, working alongside reporters and editors to track down data and find relevant sources
  • Built special-purpose websites for the News, including a website to recruit new heelers and advertise a high school journalism conference
  • Rebuilt the infrastructure of the News’ website from the ground up, using professional-level tools from the Washington Post

We do not have any strict requirements on prior experience or knowledge for members of Tech Team. That being said, you will probably get the most out of your time with us if you have at least taken or are currently enrolled in CS50 or have equivalent experience. We work primarily with Javascript, HTML, CSS and other web technologies, but experience with any of these languages is not required: We’ll teach you what you need to know.