About Sports

The Sports Desk covers all 35 of Yale’s Division I varsity athletics teams. From football to fencing and everything in between, writers recap and preview big games and also write features on the sports they cover and the athletics administration at Yale. We have a weekly six-page spread called Sports Monday that reports on the weekend’s results and publish a special issue every year before the Yale-Harvard football game.

Interested writers can email William Gallagher (william.gallagher@yale.edu) or Cris Zillo (cris.zillo@yale.edu) to join our panlist where we post weekly general assignment stories.

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How Sports Works

There are two Sports Editors who are in charge of the day-to-day operations of the desk. Sunday through Thursday nights, they edit articles, select photos and manage the content of the sports section of the newspaper. On a more weekly and long-term basis, they assign articles, manage beats and recruit new reporters as well as maintain good relations with the athletic teams and administration at Yale.

Sports Staff Reporters who have heeled the News’ sports desk cover a single team each season, known as their “beat,” and are expected to write 2–3 articles a week for the desk. These articles normally consist of a recap of the weekend’s games on Sunday night, a midweek feature that highlights a theme or player on the team the reporter covers and a preview of the team’s next game. Heeling as a staff reporter for sports has the same requirements as other A-section desks. Being a staff reporter is a great way to engage more closely with Yale’s numerous Division I teams.

Contributing Reporters may or may not intend to heel the sports desk but are welcome to write for sports as little or often as they’d like. The best way to get involved as a contributing reporter is to pick up weekly General Assignment articles by joining our panlist. These articles count towards heeling requirements but allow non-staff reporters to sample a broad array of the different types of stories the desk publishes. Contributing reporters who are passionate about a specific sport or intend to heel the desk should contact the editors about taking a beat. Having a beat means covering one team in particular; however, being on a beat does not preclude contributing reporters from picking up GAs or pitching their own stories.