About P&D

Production & Design is the largest desk at the YDN, and its main task is to style and lay out the physical paper you see around campus every day, along with the YDN Magazine. From creative spreads to insightful graphics called WEDs, we like to say (and whole-heartedly believe) that we drive content at the YDN. If you don’t like writing but want to get involved in journalism, want to gain the very marketable skills of Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, and want to have a fun, social place to work on the newspaper, come to the two-room anytime! One of our nine Production & Design editors would love to help you get involved.

To get on our mailing list or take your first shift, email design@yaledailynews.com.

How P&D Works

There are nine P&D Editors, who are responsible for laying out and styling the paper on alternating nights. They are typically sophomores or juniors. As an editor, you come in a few nights a week to lead production and train all the new P&D trainees and staff.

P&D Staffers come in for 2 shifts each week and help lead production during the second semester alongside a P&D editor. To join, you’ll need to come in for one 2-hour shift a week until the end of the semester, when heeling (the official process to join staff at the News) begins. After that, you’ll come in for two shifts a week to finish your portfolio (which is one of every type of page). You’ll also get to know our software, and the P&D editors! You’ll also be invited to 2 training sessions on the weekend where you’ll get a crash course in all things Adobe Creative Cloud. After fulfilling certain design requirements (and making a ~fire~ 2-room playlist), you’ll be invited to be a staffer!