About Opinion

The Opinion desk is the most-read desk at the Yale Daily News, where students, alumni and readers can write about issues related to the Yale community and the wider world. Each piece is 650–800 words and can range from more creative nonfiction pieces to purely fact-based arguments. Two Opinion Editors cultivate content for the page and choose Staff Columnists at the end of every semester. Whether it’s your first time writing or you’ve written before, we’d love to have you on our page, writing about issues that matter to you.

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How Opinion Works

There are two Opinion Editors for the page who cultivate and edit content each week. Opinion Editors are typically juniors or sophomores who have served as staff columnists for 1–2 years beforehand.

At the end of the fall and spring semesters, as well as in the winter, the Opinion Editors send out applications to those who have either demonstrated interest in becoming a Staff Columnist and written at least two columns or have written at least four Guest Columns. Unlike other desks, joining staff on the Opinion desk is selective. If chosen to be a Staff Columnist, you will write a Staff Column every two weeks, choose a name for your column and get a custom caricature drawn for your Staff Illustration!

Guest Columnists are anyone and everyone who wants to write for the Opinion desk. You can do so once, or regularly if you’d like!


Diversity Coffee Chats

Come meet with Adrian Rivera and, or Katherine Hu for a quick 15–30 minute chat about anything related to Opinion or the News in general: how to write an op-ed, how to become a staff columnist, what working at the News is like! We care deeply about making the News into a more accepting place for people of color and recognize that it hasn’t been that place in the past. We also want your voices on the page because your perspectives matter and are crucial to campus discourse.

We’ll take you out on the News’ dime and treat you to coffee at a local coffee shop of your choice. Sign up here.

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