About Management

Management, while not an official desk of the Yale Daily News, is the leadership of the Managing Board. It is composed of an Editor in Chief and two Managing Editors, who are elected each year through Managing Board elections in September.

Editor in Chief: After working for a year as a full-time beat reporter — usually as a sophomore, after perhaps trying out weekly reporting work during your first year at Yale, but lots of people start in much different ways as well! — you can become Editor in Chief. The Editor in Chief splits their time between big-picture projects for the News and daily content production, working specifically with the Opinion desk. The Editor in Chief is also the face of the paper, especially when it comes to recruitment — so if you have any questions about getting involved with the News, please email sammy.westfall@yale.edu!

Managing Editors: The two Managing Editors of the News spearhead the daily content of the paper. Traditionally, juniors who are elected after serving as beat reporters during their sophomore year, the Managing Editors serve as the glue between the production and writing desks. They work with the desk editors to determine nightly content, make decisions regarding placement and layout, read every story and send pages at the end of the night. The Managing Editors serve as the last eyes on every piece, making sure that everything is written, sourced and presented in the best way possible. In addition to being the go-to people for content questions, they also serve as the second and third members of Management, along with the Editor in Chief. They make hard decisions regarding what should or should not run in the paper, and they make sure everything is done with journalistic integrity. If you any questions about our jobs or getting involved with the News, feel free to email us at serena.cho@yale.edu and asha.prihar@yale.edu.