About Mag

The Yale Daily News Magazine is an editorially-independent periodical that publishes seven issues each year. Mag is the New York Times Magazine to the daily paper’s New York Times and the Lux to the daily paper’s Veritas. That means we care about telling stories well. Our production cycles last about a month, so our writers have lots of time to report the piece widely and craft the narrative deftly. The final products take a variety of forms: long-form narrative nonfiction, investigations, personal essays, fact-checks, profiles, poetry, fiction, humor, podcasts and art. Anyone can produce content for the magazine, whether or not you’re involved with the rest of the Yale Daily News. (We share production staff like copy editors, designers, illustrators and photographers with the paper.) As the classic saying goes: if you can dream it, Mag can help you plan, achieve, refine and disseminate it. So catchy!

One of Mag’s most cherished traditions is our monthly pitch meeting. Our pitch meetings are collaborative, in-person brainstorming sessions in which we discuss our upcoming issue and bounce around article ideas. Whether you’re a seasoned Mag vet, fresh-faced first year, or somewhere in between, we’d love to see you there. We share the time/date of each pitch meeting on our panlist and via a Facebook event!

There are two ways to pitch Mag. You can make a claim for an “open” pitch: article ideas that editors send out in a list after our pitch meeting. Or, you can send us your own “closed” pitch: an article idea you’ve come up with yourself. For both types of pitches, include the topic, some potential approaches, a list of some people you’d reach out to for interviews, and some ideas for accompanying graphics (photos/illustrations). You can pitch more than one story each issue, though, at most, you will be assigned only one.

Here are some of our most-read stories from this year:

Open Secrets: #MeToo in the Med School

My Vagina and Me: A Brief Herstory

PORTRAIT: Milo Brandt


No Beef: A New Haven teen dreamed of dancing and died without reason


How Mag Works

Magazine Editorial Board

The Magazine’s Editors-in-Chief are responsible for overseeing all of the operations of the magazine from training the editors, to selecting the articles, to overseeing production. The Editors-in-Chief are juniors who have typically served on the magazine’s editorial board or as A-Section Beat Reporters. They are elected through the YDN’s regular election process.

The magazine has its own editorial board composed of Managing Editors, Senior Editors, Associate Editors and specialized editorial positions that focus on Audio and Fiction & Poetry. Each year’s Editors-in-Chief decide how many editors to have and what roles they will fill. Applications for the Editorial Board are usually distributed via the magazine panlist each year in early September. Associate Editors are usually the first eyes on a piece, helping writers with everything from brainstorming ideas for sources to editing a first draft. Managing Editors oversee some of our meaty features and line-edit multiple pieces each issue. Senior Editors, usually seniors who were on the previous year’s Managing Board, also line-edit pieces and work on special projects. Our Audio Editor assigns and edits all audio pieces. Our Fiction & Poetry Editor selects and edits the creative writing published in the magazine.

Magazine Staff Writers

Magazine Staff Writers are a group of writers dedicated to the magazine, receive preference in assignments and are invited to social events throughout the year. To become a Staff Writer, you must “heel.” Heeling requirements change each year. In 2018-2019, potential staff writers must write an article for the magazine, write two articles for other desks, write an additional article for another desk or take a photograph, take a copy shift and complete the two heeling shifts required by all desks. You can heel during the spring or fall semesters. Many of the magazine’s editors started out as Staff Writers.

To be added to the panlist, pitch an article or to learn more about heeling, email the current Magazine Editors (for 2019-2020), Jever Mariwala (jever.mariwala@yale.edu) and Marisa Peryer (marisa.peryer@yale.edu).