About Illustrations

The Illustrations Desk produces all the wonderful artwork that accompany pieces in Scitech, WKND, Mag, Opinion and Culture! We are open to artists of all media, traditional or digital, of all experiences and all skill levels. Often, illustrations supplement more creative pieces, such as personal essays, so there is a great deal of creative freedom available to illustrators. Illustrations help engage readers and brings the sentiments of written pieces to life.

By no means do you have to be amazing at art to contribute to illustrations! We welcome all who are interested.

Visit the Yale Daily News Illustrations Instagram to check out past illustrations (@ydnillustrations)! To join our panlist and take your first illustrations request, email susanna.liu@yale.edu and claire.mutchnik@yale.edu.



How Illustrations Works

There are two Illustrations Editors, who are typically sophomores or juniors chosen by the preceding editors and have spent at least one semester as a Staff Illustrator. Illustrations Editors are responsible for organizing illustration assignments each week based on content and editing scanned illustrations.

Staff Illustrators come into the building once per week for 1–2 hours to work on an illustration request. After consistently coming in to the building to work on requests as a Contributing Illustrator, illustrators are allowed to heel and join staff.

Contributing Illustrators can take as many or as few requests as they like, whenever they like. You are, however, always free and encouraged to come into the News’ building during a production night to work on a piece!