No! Every desk at the News welcomes Contributors, who can come in as little or often as they’d like. This can include reporting on a story, writing an opinion article or taking a photo — among other things. Check out the appropriate tab for that desk to get started!

Of course not! Anyone can join the News at any point in time. Some of our editors didn’t start until sophomore year, other staff members have even joined in their senior year.

Heeling is the official process to join staff at the News. Requirements for each desk vary, but typically involve demonstrated commitment to the desk via past work and a couple of shifts at other desks to understand the News holistically. Heeling typically happens at the end of the fall and spring semesters, as well as in the winter (near the end of February).

Nope! As long as you complete heeling and are inducted, you’ve made it. The only exception to this rule is Opinion, which selects Staff Columnists by application due to a limited number of columns.

Beginning in 2018, the News will induct staff informally in the winter, right after winter break. This is meant to increase accessibility to the News, especially for first years — we understand that the fall semester is a hectic time for many.

It’s not impossible, but most people will choose to heel one desk.

Sadly, no. While Contributing Reporters can write for any desk, we keep a divide between our reporting and editorial staff based on journalistic standards.