About Culture

The Culture Desk covers the rich arts scene at Yale, from undergraduate dance performances and graduate student orchestra concerts to new exhibits at the art museums. The Culture Desk produces previews, which help spread the word about what to expect from performances and events on campus and in the New Haven community, and stories on events that have already happened. Writing for Culture offers unique opportunities to see shows and exhibits before they open to the public and get to know interesting people involved in the arts. In Thursday’s paper, the Culture Desk runs a spread of four stories, including an Artist Profile — a piece documenting the artistic life of a student at Yale invested in the arts.

To get involved, email rianna.turner@yale.edu to be added to the panlist, where interested writers can view and take on available stories. The Culture Desk welcomes all reporters, even those without a background in the arts!

Here are some of our most-read stories from this year:

Revered School of Music professor Aldo Parisot dies at 100

Artspace Exhibit confronts New England slave trade

Langston Hughes Festival to showcase School of Drama student plays 

UP CLOSE: A hidden gem moves west 

Voxtet to sing Scarlatti oratorio


How Culture Works

The Culture Editor is typically a junior. They organize content for the week, with special attention to filling the Culture spread that runs in Thursday’s paper. In addition, they send out General Assignment emails to the panlist. The Culture Editor works on about 8 desk edits with reporters each week, with four edits on Wednesday night to prepare the Culture spread.

Culture Beat Reporters are typically sophomores, or anyone who is in their second year of reporting for the Culture Desk. They follow a specific area of the arts such as performing arts, museums and visual arts or alumni in the arts. Beat reporters write at least two stories each week.

Contributing Reporters can be anyone and everyone! To get started, take a General Assignment from the Culture Desk panlist. Reporters don’t need any past experience in the arts to write.