About Copy

The Copy Desk makes the News read like a professional newspaper. We correct grammatical, spelling and factual errors as they arise — editing as you probably think about editing. The mistakes we catch are often of essential importance to the meaning of articles. We’re in charge of the paper’s style of writing and are the chillest desk at the News! Our job is to step back and read through our content with a careful, precise eye and common sense. We’re among the last eyes on the paper, so our changes can be critical to ensuring the accuracy, cogency and professionalism of the paper. While among the last eyes on the newspaper within 202 York Street, we are also among the first eyes on campus to read groundbreaking news. The work of copy editing lends a unique perspective, allowing copy editors, staffers and contributors to keep a pulse on campus happenings from the diverse array of coverage at the News. If you’re a grammar nerd, a perfectionist or simply someone interested in staying more up-to-date with campus life, we want you. If not, we also want you. In addition to copy editing the daily paper, “A-section,” we proof WKND and the Yale Daily News Magazine. Rule number one: No Oxford commas!

Email mary.chen@yale.edu, joshua.gonzalez@yale.edu, queenie.huang@yale.edu or christopher.sung@yale.edu to join the panlist or sign up for your first shift!


How Copy Works

Copy Editors are typically sophomores or juniors who have shown a commitment to the desk for at least one semester. There are typically around five editors, but the more, the merrier!

Copy Staff are typically first years or sophomores. Staffers are asked to complete a weekly two-hour shift. To join staff, we typically require 10 shifts in one semester, though this requirement can be flexible.

Copy Contributors can come as much or as little as they like. Sign up and show up for a one-hour copy shift. We’d love to have you, whether you’re a first year or a senior!