About City

Break out of the Yale bubble with the City Desk! Don’t let the name fool you: Our coverage frequently breaks into statewide social and political issues. But our bread and butter is New Haven, and if you write for City Desk, you’ll have a first-person look into issues related to education, economic development, politics, culture and more around New Haven. You never know what you’ll stumble into when you venture into the Elm City…

As with all writing desks of the Yale Daily News, trying out the City Desk is incredibly easy. Just email caroline.moore@yale.edu or angela.xiao@yale.edu to be added to our panlist, and you’ll receive our General Assignments email each week. GAs, as you might have learned already from other desks, are interesting stories that our staff reporters pitch to us each week to be written by anybody interested in the News. They’re not hard to write (GAs are about 650-800 words) and usually involve one or two hours of work interviewing people related to the story.

Here are some of our most-read stories from this year:

Yalies walk out to support undocumented father

The Elm City’s polling predicament

Community rallies for trans+ rights

Taco Bell Cantina opens in Elm City

UP CLOSE: Rebuilding the New Haven school board


How City Works

There are two City Editors, who are responsible for editing three to six City stories each night, sending out GAs, reviewing pitches from beat reporters each week and coordinating larger investigative projects. They are typically juniors who have been working with the desk for two years, most recently as a beat reporter in their sophomore year.

Beat Reporters are typically sophomores who have completed a semester or a year as an Associate Beat Reporter. They apply for a “beat,” or area of coverage, their sophomore fall. Examples of beats include: Cops and Courts, Yale-New Haven Relations and City Hall.

City Associate Beat Reporters and City Staff Reporters are typically first years who have completed a semester as a Contributing Reporter in the fall and heeled at the end of the fall semester. In their spring semester, after they join staff, they have the option of working as a Staff Reporter taking General Assignments or applying for a “mini beat, ” where they cover a particular area of news and work with the beat reporter directly above them. It’s never too late to join staff, however, even if you’re a sophomore or a junior!

Contributing Reporters are anyone and everyone who wants to write for City and take a General Assignment from the panlist!