About Business

The Yale Daily News is an independent entity completely independent of Yale University, financially and otherwise. This means we are free to report in an honest, unbiased way about important issues affecting the University, but it also means we need to run our own business. The YDN has its own building at 202 York Street, paid staffers, and a nightly printing operation — all of which require heavy expenditure and maintenance on the business side. We cater in food each night of production (that’s every single school night besides reading week and finals!) for our reporters, editors, and production team, purchase sophisticated media equipment for the building, and send our sports reporters to cover games near and far.

We run a strong business operation, maintaining robust advertising sales in the print paper and online, coming up with innovative business strategies, and navigating the rapidly changing business of print journalism. As print newspapers look toward increasingly creative ways of doing business, our team has been coming up with projects like books and conferences that leverage our resources to raise revenue. The Yale Daily News Corporation is by far the largest student-run business on campus, and YDN business staffers make it all happen. To learn more about our team, or if you have any questions at all about the information on this page, please email publisher@yaledailynews.com.


How Business Works

The YDN Business Board consists of both Manager- and Director-level positions. Managers on business board can be sophomores or juniors, while directors must be juniors. Business Board elections are held in early September, before the YDN Managing Board election process. Elections are open to all rising sophomores and juniors who have held a role on the business team for at least one year. Candidates submit their position preferences in rank-choice order the night before elections to determine the order in which elections are held. Each candidate gives a two minute speech, and all incoming members of Business Board vote by secret ballot.

Business Board – Director Level Positions

There are always three Director-level positions on YDN Business Board: Publisher, Director of Operations, and the Director of Finance. These three officers are also part of the YDN Managing Board, and elected through the YDN Managing Board elections process each year in September. Director-level positions are always held by juniors.

Publisher: The Publisher is the face of the YDN business team, serving as a liaison between business and the rest of managing board. They are one of the three business team members on the YDN Managing Board, along with the Director of Finance and Director of Operations. The Publisher conveys important financial information to the rest of board, and works with the Editor-in-Chief on issues important to the financial health of the YDN. The Publisher also oversees the business team, including the rest of business board and the Account Executives. Finally, the Publisher runs the Yale Daily News Publishing Company, which means working with the News’ accountant/controller, business office, and the YDN Foundation on longer-term initiatives, in close collaboration with the Director of Finance.

Becoming Publisher: The Publisher is always a junior, and has generally completed a year as an Account Executive before a second year on any business board position. Three incoming juniors from YDN Business Board are chosen to run for DOO, DOF, and Publisher based on their work over the past two years. These three candidates choose what they are running for independently, competing through the standard YDN Managing Board elections process.

Director of Finance: The Director of Finance is responsible for maintaining a holistic understanding of the financial condition of the News. They evaluate the feasibility of projects or expenditures as they relate to the overall health of the News. In addition, they coordinate financial operations, provide regular updates to Business Board, and exercise discretion in the disclosure of financial information.

Becoming Director of Finance: The Director of Finance, like the Publisher, is always a junior, and has generally completed a year as an Account Executive and a second year on any business board position.

Director of Operations: The Director of Operations facilitates the internal and external affairs of the YDN and seeks new ways to improve the environment at The News. Internally, endeavors may include further integrating the Business and Edit divisions or assisting in the planning of News events. Externally, they interact with other collegiate papers and University alumni to update best practices for the changing role and means of media. In addition, they envision and design new ideas and projects that will strengthen the state of The News, whether financially, socially, or experientially.

Becoming Director of Operations: The Director of Operations, like the Publisher, is always a junior, and has generally completed a year as an Account Executive and a second year on any business board position.

Business Board – Manager Level Positions

Business Board Managers can be sophomores or juniors, and take on roles managing a specific part of the business. Manager roles vary from year to year, but most years have: Project Manager(s), Local and National Ad Manager(s), and Account Executive (AE) Manager(s).

Project Manager: Project Managers manage specific projects determined on a year-by-year basis. Types of Project Managers typically include: Business Publications Manager, Conferences and Events Manager, Analytics & Business Strategy Manager, and Social Media Manager. Account Executives have the opportunity to define these positions before running for them after their first year. Project Managers are typically sophomores or juniors and have generally completed a year as an Account Executive.
Local and National Ad Manager: Local and National Ad Managers coordinate food trades, work with Account Executive managers on selling ads to local businesses, coordinate local ad campaigns like Restaurant Week, sell to national chains, and work with companies recruiting on-campus. Local and National Ad Managers are typically sophomores or juniors and have generally completed a year as an Account Executive.
Account Executive Manager: The Account Executive Manager manages the Account Executives, their projects, and Account Executive recruitment. Account Executive Managers are typically sophomores or juniors and have generally completed a year as an Account Executive.
Business Team

Everyone on the Business team spends their first year as an Account Executive. Account Executives (AEs) form relationships with local New Haven businesses, serving as their primary point of contact at the News. AE Managers on the business team guide new AEs through understanding all of our print and online offerings, teaching them how to make the best possible case to businesses. Few college students can tell summer employers they made thousands of dollars of sales during their first year — but AEs can! As the year goes on, AEs can begin to specialize into certain business roles as they prepare to take on leadership on the Business Board their sophomore year. This specialization can come in the form of leadership on certain business projects, or working closely with a sophomore/junior board member on key priorities.

AEs join the business team via application in September. There is an optional information session (email publisher@yaledailynews.com for details) followed by an online application. Some applicants will be selected for interviews, after which generally 8-10 are eventually chosen as AEs. Most AEs do not have any previous experience, and are evaluated based on their interest in the team, the quality of their interview, and their experiences (even if entirely unrelated!) from high school. Any first-year at Yale is qualified and encouraged to apply. A few students choose to apply for the AE position as sophomores. Applying as a sophomore will not help or harm an application relative to first-year applicants.