Yale and New Haven have dramatically changed since last year — from protests to a pandemic. Before you start your Bright College Years, here’s what you should know.

Yale announces, halts plans to mixed-college housing for upperclassmen

Whiffenpoofs break with all-male tradition

The new Yale Science Building and the push for STEM

Yale welcomes the class of 2024

New buildings include Schwarzman Center and 320 York St Humanities Hub

Elicker elected mayor of New Haven

New Haven eateries see change

Even before the pandemic, Yale dealt with the coronavirus

Even before the first positive case reached New Haven, Yale had brushes with the virus.

Many Yalies left for spring break. They still haven’t returned.

Here's how Yale tightened its pandemic response in early March and beyond.

Yale research continues despite lab restrictions

COVID-19 and Yale concert cancellations

Yale opened some dorms to New Haven. Residents said it wasn’t enough.

The coronavirus pandemic has worsened an already fraught relationship between Yale and its Elm City neighbors.

Here’s How Yale’s Fall Plans Unfolded.

University administrators released a final decision in July. But until then, committees were preparing for several different possibilities.

Yale’s semester ended online for the first time

The transition was a first for the University and many of its professors and students. Not everyone liked the move.

What are Yale researchers doing about COVID-19?

Students stage protests against professors

Students and activists protest officers-involved shooting

Yalies have pushed for a more socially responsible endowment. Here’s why.

From classroom walkouts to a halftime sit-in, here are the ways Yale students have campaigned for what they call "endowment justice."

Yale adopts universal pass/fail grading policy

Invisible toxins: Yale researchers examine the health risks of vaping

Yale scientists excel in cancer research

Yale scientists in the news: Awards, Happiness and Tortoises

Powwow secures institutional funding

Yale affiliates win prestigious prizes

Indigenous art representation increases at Yale

Engender suit against Yale, frats dismissed on all but one count

Khan vs. Yale: The evolution of a case

50WomenAtYale150 and the arts