About the blog

“Down the Field,” the first-ever sports blog of the Yale Daily News, was created in 2017 with the goal of expanding the breadth, depth and frequency of News sports content. With this new online platform, the News hopes to offer new angles of coverage for all Yale teams, as well as Yale Athletics and the Ivy League as a whole.

The name of the blog is a reference to both a Yale fight song and a former Yale Daily News column by the same name that ran in the News most days from January 23, 1937 until at least 1962. Columns in “Down the Field,” written by a wide array of sports editors and staff reporters of the News, included opinions on Yale Athletics policy, reviews of team performance and predictions for games and seasons.

In addition to the design chosen for this blog, the header for “Down the Field” varied in those 25 years:

March 1, 1936

January 19, 1940

January 6, 1941

January 20, 1941

September 9, 1941

January 27, 1942

January 15, 1952

February 6, 1962