Members of Yale Football team kneel during national anthem

By Won Jung | Posted on, 9:41 p.m.
Saturday's game against Holy Cross at the Yale Bowl.

Amidst country-wide discussion surrounding national anthem protests in professional sports, a contingent of Yale football players knelt during the national anthem before Saturday afternoon’s game against Holy Cross at the Yale Bowl.

While the majority of the team stood at attention for the Star-Spangled Banner on the  Yale sideline, close to 15 Bulldogs knelt a few feet behind them. Another group of players stood beside their kneeling peers, with some placing their hands on their teammates.

“I support our players in anything they do to express themselves and their feelings,” head coach Tony Reno said. “We’re one family, and one of the unique things about Yale is we have people from all over the country and all different geographic areas and all different religions and whatever it is, but we embrace each other for who we are, and we are one football team.”

Saturday marked the first time this season that Yale football team members knelt for the anthem.