Vaughns ’20 sets school 100-meter record

By Brian Yeo | Posted on, 7:00 p.m.
(Yale Athletics)

Sprinter Vincent Vaughns ’20 set the new Yale program record in the 100-meter dash at the Point Loma Invitational on March 25, running a blistering 10.55-second time. Vaughns’ historic run toppled the previous mark of 10.58 seconds, which was matched this past weekend by teammate and captain Marc-André Alexandre ’17.

For Vaughns, a freshman, breaking the record in his first 100-meter race for Yale proves to be very promising for the future. As such, the time, — under a second slower than the current world record held by Usain Bolt — is in definite jeopardy of being broken again. Both Vaughns and Alexandre will have more chances this season, and Vaughns will have three more years to improve upon the record.

“I honestly knew that day that something big could go down,” Vaughns said. “We had the perfect conditions in San Diego and a previous good week of training, but I never thought I’d run that fast this early in the season.”

“My junior year of high school I tore my PCL and was out for the year, and had a lot of doubt as to whether I’d ever be back to where I was,” the freshman added. “I have been working hard and trying to do the little things, and to break the school record in my first 100 as a freshman was just an amazing experience. It was a long process to get to that point.”