This special issue of the Yale Daily News celebrates the graduation of the Yale College class of 2023 and was produced by the editors of the Managing Board of 2025, with work from our staff and contributors.

Each year, the News puts out a special issue celebrating commencement; the issue aims to highlight the defining moments of the class of 2023’s time at Yale and offers graduates a space for reflection. In this issue, we feature articles summarizing some of the biggest news stories of the past four years, photo collages capturing each year’s milestones and personal columns from soon-to-be alumni. 

We would like to thank all the graduating seniors who have ever contributed to the News, and we are particularly grateful to the graduating members of the Managing Board of 2023 for leading this newsroom during the 2021-22 academic year. We learned so much from you all and are excited to see what you accomplish in the future.  

Congratulations to the students, families and loved ones of the class of 2023! 


The following editors contributed to putting together this issue:


Anika Arora Seth

Evan Gorelick

Sophie Sonnenfeld

Collyn Robinson


Sadie Bograd

Ines Chomnalez

Sarah Cook

Betsy Good

Spencer King

Nathaniel Rosenberg

Megan Vaz

Paloma Vigil

Miranda Wollen

Kayla Yup

Brian Zhang


Isa Dominguez

Michael Ndubisi


Abby Asmuth

Lizzie Conklin

Zoë Halaban

Anabel Moore


Ellie Park


Khuan-Yu Hall

Owen Tucker-Smith


Tiger Wang


Tristan Hernandez

Josie Jahng

Hailey O’Connor

Michael Willen


Janalie Cobb

Ellie Park

Molly Reinmann

We offer a special note of thanks to Tiger Wang and Winiboya Aboyure from the News’ technology staff for putting together the digital infrastructure necessary to produce this issue.