Amidst the grandiose architecture and massive milestones of Yale, it is often the small, subtle details that hold a special place in our hearts. As I reflect on my time here so far, I can’t help but remember the little things that have made each semester special. Here are just a few:

  • Bass Library on a Friday night — Assuming it isn’t the night of the Naked Run, the library is calm and sparsely filled with people getting ahead on Sunday deadlines… or finishing Thursday PSETs.
  • The anticipation of Spring Fling — Arguably better than Spring Fling itself.
  • Snackpass gifts — Who doesn’t love a small dose of dopamine with their large fries?
  • The overly confident man in your seminar — We have all met one. We have all rolled our eyes at one. Chances are, his long-winded ramblings and unwavering confidence have saved you from a week of skipped readings.
  • The awe of tour groups — Sometimes, their wide eyes remind me of myself just a few years ago. Look how far we’ve come. Other times, they make you feel like a zoo animal.
  • Zipcars — I still don’t understand how they’re legal but I am very grateful for the Target runs.
  • The humbling experience of a Science credit — Unless you are brave enough to follow through with pre-med, science guts are rarely as easy as their 3.0 CourseTable ratings claim. Call it your woman in STEM era.
  • Your first-year suite — Move-in wasn’t easy with five flights of stairs, no air conditioning and mice, but you survived Old Campus!
  • The dining hall pasta bar — If you are a picky eater, you are more than familiar with the pasta bar. Probably the cereal area, too. I’m sure you’ve also eaten many burgers.
  • The email address — I can’t be the only one who has purposely used their school email address to subtle brag. No signature required: “” speaks for itself.

Winiboya Aboyure is a rising junior in Davenport College. She also is a member of the News’ technology staff.