Ashley Anthony

Vivi’s, you meant so much to me

I always craved your Thai iced tea

Junzi, you made my heart sing

With your late night ramen and tasty bings

Jojo’s, you never let me down

Your London fogs deserve renown

And Starbucks, what can I say

I bought your overpriced lattes

Donut Crazy, I loved you lots

I adored your deep-fried tater tots

Popeye’s, you made my pulse quicken

You changed my life with your crisp chicken 

Yorkside Pizza, I’ll miss you too

Your pies were solid, through and through

Oh Basil, how I loved you so

For your pad thai, I’d trudge through snow

“G-Heav,” you never seemed to lack

Loads of sweet and salty snacks

Sally’s Apizza, a bucket list must

I enjoyed your thin and blackened crust

Of these eateries, the best of all

Was the Trumbull College dining hall

A bustling locale for dinner and lunch

With a well-regarded Sunday brunch

I’ll never forget the wonderful staff

Who fed hundreds daily and made me laugh

Whenever I was feeling crappy

Trumbull meals could make me happy

Uzo Biosah |