About the Commencement Issue

Commencement 2022 is a special issue of the Yale Daily News, the oldest college daily. While the daily version of the paper is typically designed and edited by members of the junior class, the annual Commencement “spissue” is an annual special edition of the paper that is run by sophomore reporters, who take over as editors and guide first-year reporters as they write content reflecting on the past four years of the graduating class’ time at Yale. 

As graduating seniors celebrate their commencement in person for the first time in three years, the Yale Daily News hopes to honor their time at Yale by presenting an online version of the Commencement spissue, highlighting memorable events from their time at Yale as well as lookbacks spanning the past four years. We at the News hope that this look back will help seniors remember the past four years and reflect on all that they have accomplished, grown through and experienced together.  

The Commencement Spissue editors would also like to thank our predecessors — graduating members of the masthead of 2020-2021 — for their contributions to Yale and to the News. Congratulations on your graduation!

 The following editors contributed to putting together this issue:



Miranda Jeyaretnam 

Jordan Fitzgerald

Lucy Hodgman

Zach Morris

Alex Ori



Amelia Lower

Wei-Ting Shih



Shi-Wen Yeo 

Hyerim Bianca Nam

Sarah Feng



Jacqueline Kaskel

Ava Saylor

Iris Tsouris



Winiboya Aboyure

Tiger Wang 



 Will Aarons

Grace Aitken

Maya Melnik

Paola Santos

Olivia Schnur

Patrick Sebaraj