Advertising for the Yale Daily News is handled by our two full-time staff members, Gina Marsh and Emad Haerizadeh, as well as our undergraduate business board.


  • Emad Haerizadeh, Controller
  • Gina Marsh, General Manager

Undergraduate Business Board of 2016-2017

  • Ilana Kaufman, Publisher
  • Daniel Smith, Director of Finance
  • Julie Slama, Director of Operations
  • Michael Faucher, Account Executive Manager
  • Elizabeth Liu, Account Executive Manager
  • Wei Tai Ting, Online Business Manager
  • Sabrina Long, Marketing Manager
  • Amy Zhang, Outreach Manager
  • Gigi Stark, National Ad Manager
  • Diane Jiang, Sponsored Content Manager

Undergraduate Business Board of 2015-2016

  • Joanna Jin, Publisher
  • Eva Landsberg, Director of Finance
  • Steven Hee, Director of Advertising
  • Misael Cabrera, Director of Communications
  • Tevin Mickens, Media and Marketing Manager
  • Daniel Smith, Account Executive Manager
  • Ilana Kaufman, Account Executive Manager
  • Julie Slama, Outreach Manager

Undergraduate Business Board of 2014-2015

  • Abdullah Hanif, Publisher
  • Yuanling Yuan, Director of Finance
  • Gonzalo Gallardo, Director of Advertising
  • Joanna Jin, Account Executive Manager
  • Christopher Chute, Account Executive Manager
  • Misael Cabrera, Public Relations Manager
  • Steven Hee, Online Business Manager
  • Eva Landsberg, Marketing and Sales Manager

Undergraduate Business Board of 2013-2014

  • Julie Leong, Publisher
  • Joyce Xi, Director of Finance
  • Yume Hoshijima, Director of Operations
  • Vivian Wang, Account Executive Manager
  • Shannon Zhang, Account Executive Manager
  • Abdullah Hanif, Communications Manager
  • Gonzalo Gallardo, Online Business Manager
  • Yuanling Yuan, Marketing Manager