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  1. Live: Kicking off national tour, Obama travels to New Jersey

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    JERSEY CITY, N.J., 3:20 p.m — The scene here in Jersey City, where Barack Obama is set to kick off his national tour in half an hour, is extraordinary.

    Nearly 300 reporters are waiting on line, trying to push their way inside. At least a dozen live-feed satellite trucks from all the major networks line the steet. Thousands and thousands of Jerseyites, meanwhile, are wrapped around the sidewalks of this blue-collar city, many of them sure to be turned away.

    The last poll here showed New Jersey to be decidely pro-Clinton — but this extravaganza may provide just the momentum Obama needs in the Garden State, where independents can vote in either primary come Feb. 5.

    More to come soon.

    -The Yale Daily News

  2. CNN: Obama leads by 10 points in New Hampshire

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    WASHINGTON, 8:35 p.m. — A new CNN-WMUR poll released this evening shows Senator Barack Obama with a commanding 10-point lead over Senator Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 among likely Democratic primary voters two days before Granite State voters cast their ballots.

    The poll, conducted Saturday and today, suggests Obama may be capitalizing on the momentum from his victory in Thursday’s Iowa caucus, in which he defeated the third-place Clinton by eight points. A similar CNN-WMUR tracking poll released yesterday showed Obama and Clinton knotted at 33 percent a piece, with former Senator John Edwards in third, at 20 percent. Today’s poll places Obama at 39 percent, Clinton at 29 percent and Edwards at 16 percent.


  3. In Oklahoma, Boren ’63 to host bipartisan forum featuring Michael Bloomberg

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    NORMAN, Oklahoma, 5:25 p.m. — David Boren ’63 is no stranger to notable political figures. In the past year, the former Oklahoma senator and governor — an affable man popular in this state — has hosted Colin Powell, Al Gore, George H.W. Bush ’48 and Mitt Romney in his role as president of the University of Oklahoma.

    But tomorrow Boren, also a former Yale Corporation trustee, will join nearly a dozen well known, like-minded moderates, including several of his former colleagues from the Senate, in a bipartisan political forum that has been billed as an attempt to encourage national political leaders to bring an end to partisanship and polarization.

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s presence has many political analysts speculating that the forum will be a further opportunity for Bloomberg to flirt with an independent presidential run. But Bloomberg has denied the rumor, saying the forum is strictly intended to find an independent alternative for government.

    No matter what happens at this meeting of centrists in the geographic center of the nation, the Yale Daily News will be there. Look forward to an exclusive online update tomorrow afternoon.

    -June Torbati