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  1. Faculty members discuss academic minors

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    At a meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences earlier this month, faculty members formally discussed the possibility of instituting minors for the first time but did not vote on the issue.

    Pericles Lewis, co-chair of the Committee on Majors, said many faculty members spoke in favor of minors at the well-attended meeting.

    “The discussion was incredibly rich and fruitful,” Yale College Dean Mary Miller said. “It’s the kind of conversation one hopes for in a meeting in which people will learn from one another.”


  2. Backstage at Spring Fling

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    Members of the Yale College Council and the Yale Student Activities Committee will be live blogging the Spring Fling experience from their unique, behind the scenes perspectives.  Enjoy the show.

    11:48 a.m. We’ve been up since 6 a.m., and taking care of the backline/rider set-up since.  Nothing wild, but we are still trying to find a table stable enough for Girl Talk to play and jump on.  We’re also trying to find in-ear mics for The Decemberists because the audio company ordered the wrong ones

    1:12 p.m. Check 1, 2.  The Decemberists want to do their own sound check, so it’s slowing us down a bit.  Backline is nearly all set up.  Just saw Colin Munroe carrying in his equipment.


  3. Adamo endorses Thomas. Kind of.

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    In a letter to the News, Colin Adamo ’10 — one of the candidates in the runoff race for Yale College Council Treasurer — endorsed his, um, opponent, Adam Thomas ’12. (Read it after the jump.) Also today, “friends of Colin Adamo” released a YouTube video intended to smear, um, Colin Adamo. If any of this makes sense to you, please let us know immediately.


  4. Yanni: Vote Adamo for treasurer

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    The increasingly bizarre race for Yale College Council treasurer just got even stranger. Freshman Class Council Representative Yanni Legmpelos ’12, who finished third to Colin Adamo ’10 and FCC President Adam Thomas ’12, says he is now backing — wait for it — Adamo.

    “I hope he wins,” Legmpelos said. “I’m excited to see what he does.”

    Because no candidate won a majority of votes and Adamo and Thomas were within five percentage points of one another, election rules dictate that a run-off between the two must take place this Thursday.

    The stances taken by the two candidates are about as divergent as any competitors in the YCC race this year.



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    Yale College Council Executive Board

    April 13, 2009 at 9:00 AM — April 14, 2009 at 9:00 PM

    Director of Events – 2025 votes, pick 1

    Mathilde Williams (SM 2011) – 1222 – 60.35%

    Natasha Sarin (CC 2011) – 803 – 39.65%

    Abstentions – 593

    UOFC Chair – 1859 votes, pick 1

    Erin Fackler (JE 2011) – 1245 – 66.97%

    Murong Yang (PC 2012) – 614 – 33.03%

    Abstentions – 759

    Secretary – 2035 votes, pick 1

    Mike Bronfin (JE 2011) – 1034 – 50.81%

    Reese Faust (Silliman 2010) – 434 – 21.33%

    Victoria Gilcrease (BK 2012) – 302 – 14.84%

    Rustin Fakheri (BR 2012) – 265 – 13.02%

    Abstentions – 583

    Treasurer – 2124 votes, pick 1

    Colin Adamo (PC 2010) – 862 – 40.58%

    Adam Thomas (BR 2012) – 820 – 38.61%

    Yanni Legmpelos (JE 2012) – 442 – 20.81%

    Abstentions – 494

    Vice President – 2229 votes, pick 1

    Abigail Cheung (TD 2011) – 1174 – 52.67%

    Brian Levin (SM 2011) – 1055 – 47.33%

    Abstentions – 389

    President – 2425 votes, pick 1

    Jonathan Wu (SY 2011) – 1331 – 54.89%

    Ryan Beauchamp (JE 2010) – 1094 – 45.11%

    Abstentions – 193

  6. The YouTube campaign begins

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    The YCC campaigning has begun in earnest — at least for Jon Wu ’11 and Ryan Beauchamp ’10, both running for YCC President. Signs with “Ryan Beauchamp for President” or simply, “WU!” dot bulletin boards around campus. Students eating lunch can examine the finer details of Beauchamp’s face on table tents. And Facebookers are undoubtedly finding bright yellow campaign posters taking over the profile pictures of Wu’s friends.

    Jon Wu has launched the sequel to his “Yes Wu Can” video launched during his 2008 treasurer campaign. The video, a parody on “You’re the One that I Want” from the musical Grease, features campus celebrities of all sorts, including the Larned Professor of History Cynthia Russett (Wu’s advisor).

    For his own campaign video, Ryan Beauchamp dresses up and gets down to business using a walking tour of Saybrook and Branford to explain the details of his campaign platform.

    Only 24 hours into the official declarations of candidacy, Yalies can expect even more campaigning up through April 13 when polls open.