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  1. After a week away, Yalies return from October break

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    As October break came to an end, students returned to campus — with snacks from home in hand — and prepared for classes to resume on Oct. 25.

    Yale students spread across the country and beyond it as some went back to their hometowns, some stayed in New Haven and others ventured to far-flung coasts. Students packed trips, events and fun into the five-day break to relax and relieve some of the stress accumulated so far this semester. Lizbeth Lozano ’25, for one, went on the Yale Chaplain’s retreat, headed to New York City and hiked East Rock with friends.

    “I had a very relaxing break!” Lozano told the News. “At the Chaplain’s retreat, we actually weren’t allowed to talk about Yale, which was pretty refreshing to not think about. New York was busy and lively, but I still felt stress-free not worrying about schoolwork or anything else. It was fun getting to hang out with friends outside of the place we’ve spent the past two months!”

    Some students, such as Julian Barrera ’25, decided to return home to reconnect with family and friends while making sure the break was restful and not filled with school work.

    Barrera went back home to southern Texas, visited family, reconnected with friends and even took a trip to Mexico to see his distant relatives.

    “During this October recess, I finally got Mexican snacks to bring back to Yale!” Barrera said. “I also finally got to eat authentic tacos from the taquerias in Mexico and I went to see my favorite Spanish-speaking band, Morat, play in NYC. I definitely reconnected with my home this break!”

    For others, the time off was spent rewinding, healing and preparing. Some students did not travel at all.

    Staying in New Haven, relaxing in residential colleges and reconnecting with hobbies was equally as fulfilling, according to Kylie Volavongsa ’25.

    “I basically turned into a tradwife which is to say I cleaned my sheets, laundry, dishes, and babysat someones fish,” Volavongsa said. “I also used this time to buy and read more books and I even wrote a little poetry. I also slept healthily, but prepared my Red Bull tropical edition stock for the coming weeks.” 

    This five day break from classes was considered a catch-up period for others. With midterms ongoing, papers assigned, non-stop problem sets and chunks of readings, some students needed this small break to catch up on work, get ahead in classes or study intensely. The “Yale Actual Weekly News,” an Instagram humor account, uploaded a satire post saying “Girl Accidentally Takes 3 Day Break During Fall Catch Up Time” on Oct. 22.

    Volavongsa added that she feels most students are ready to get back to classes as the “final hustle” before the holiday season begins.

    Yale’s October recess took place from Oct. 19 to 24.

  2. You Said It!: Voices Against Grade Change

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    Yesterday, the Yale student body took to the streets to voice opposition to proposed grading changes that would convert Yale’s grading system to a 100-point scale with specific grade distribution. In order to capture the various points of view making up this opposition, we also took to the streets to record these voices.

    * * *

    “I think American grading doing all the wrong right now. In my province, when you write good paper you get one pebble. If you save enough pebbles, you go to Andrei and trade in for brick. Who knows! Twenty, thirty years, maybe you build house. I almost have house!”

    -Andrzejek Kzrlsatkpjk ’16, international student from former Soviet Socialist Republic

    “If she’s in my class, she’s automatically a 10 out of 10.”

    -Harold Bloom, Sterling Professor of Humanities

    “Student’s really small? Give him AAA. A little bigger? AA. Little bigger than that? Definitely a C. Anything over that’s a D. That’s how it’s always been for me.”

    -Duracell battery found on Cross Campus

    “If American Imperialists give them an F, we will give a D! If US Oppressors give them a C, we will give a B! Our fearless leader Kim Jong-Un will never surrender! That’s how it’s always been for me.”

    -Kim Jong-Un, Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea

    “I know you won’t be D—isippointed F you come C “Toes of the Heart” (Agnew’s heartbreaking classic about a boy born without hands into the tenement slums of 19th century New York to a mother without feet) at the JE Theater this weekend, for my debut as Associate Sound Designer! It’s going to be A—mazing! ”

    -Tripp Hunt ’13, Theater Studies major, Facebook status

    “Look, I think even if you don’t quite seem to fit the part for a grade, if you’re famous enough, you should totally get it.”

    -Paul Giamatti, Hamlet[?]

    “I’ve actually put a lot of thought into grading policy reform at Yale, and I think most studies on grade inflation would suggest—AHHHHHHAKLFJADMS;LFJA;SEAKJ;ASK;FA!!!!!”

    -Kevin Ware, YouTube sensation

    “If a student is too mainstream or poppy or safe or pandering or cutesy or a new Radiohead album, assign that student a random number between 2 and 6 (to the tenths place of course). But if the student is really interesting or experimental or ironically urban or has a unique subgenre, then I think you can give them Best New Student.”

    -Pitchfork Media

    “Last semester, I got a D. I actually kind of liked it. I was hoping that I could keep getting Ds, in various areas. Is there anyone who would be willing to give me another D?”

    -Sandy Herdman ’16

    “I think no matter what you should get an F if for JE Screw you set your roommate up with a goat. It’s mean and insulting.”

    -Barry Zeetz JE ’12