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  1. Waterfowl conservation posters appear on campus

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    If you’ve been wading through campus the last few days, you have probably seen one of the posters pictured above. Maybe you thought it meant Alfred Hitchcock was prescient and the Ducks are staging a takeover, or maybe you thought it was finally time for the hunt. Regardless, Cross Campus decided to investigate.

    Turns out Ducks Unlimited is a global leader in the waterfowl conservation movement; according to its website, Ducks Unlimited “does more than any other organization to put ducks in the sky.” Now they’re trying to get more Yalies to sign up. Ducks Unlimited President Ari Epsohl ’12 said the Yale chapter of Ducks Unlimited, started in 2010, already includes around 25 undergraduates. The group meets monthly and holds an annual banquet with around 100 guests.

    “The poster campaign was designed to find people on campus who recognize the Ducks Unlimited logo, so that they too could join the group,” Opsahl said in an email.

    Opsahl said he hopes the poster campaign will inspire Yalies to “hop on the internet and find out” what all this duck business is about, so we guess this post means they were successful.

  2. YCC offers backstage pass for best logo design

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    Remember last year’s Spring Fling? Remember when Third Eye Blind played “Jumper,” or when Lupe Fiasco kicked off (or, at least, contributed to) a campuswide push against investment banking? You don’t?

    Regardless, here’s some good news: the Yale College Council is offering a backstage pass to Spring Fling 2012 for the student who designs the best official logo for this year’s concert. The logo will be featured on all Spring Fling publicity and merchandise, and the winning student will get to meet the performers, which could include the likes of Matt & Kim and the Ying Yang Twins, which will surely result in a great Facebook default.

    Submissions are due Friday, Feb. 3 at 5 p.m. via email to the YCC.

  3. Tee hee hee the News gets pranked

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    In an email to the campus community Saturday afternoon, a mysterious sender named “Yale Daily News” claimed that the News would begin charging for its content. The emailer also claimed that, starting Jan. 16, online readers would only have access to 10 articles per month until they needed to purchase a subscription, and that papers would no longer be stocked in Linsly-Chittenden and Commons.

    The email was false. While we are flattered by the attention and were briefly excited at the prospect of being paid for our work, our content is and always will be yours to enjoy, free of charge. Papers will be in Commons and Linsly-Chittenden Hall on Tuesday and there will be no digital paywall. Keep on reading, Yale. It’s on us.

  4. YCC launches promotional site

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    What has the Yale College Council done this year, anyway?

    In case the mid-year report released earlier this week by the Yale College Council left you feeling unsatisfied or underinformed, the YCC also launched a self-promotional website today that publicizes the group’s innumerable accomplishments by answering the age-old question, “What has the YCC done this year?”

    The website features a myriad of answers to the big question, such as “Collaborated with dining to provide you seven $7 meal combos that can be purchased with your lunch meal swipes” and “Marking the Yale College Council’s most transformative initiative in the realm of mental health, YCC and Yale Health collaborated on the Yale Mental Health Fellows initiative.” The website also prompts users to click a button with things like “I’m unimpressed,” “Big deal. What else?” and “I could do that in my sleep” that moves onto another substantial YCC achievement.

    “This year’s YCC has been very much focused on attainable goals for our student body, and we’ve had some new and important accomplishments this year that we wanted to share with everyone,” said Dan Stein ’14, the web developer who created the site, in a Tuesday email. “The site is a fun and funny complement to the mid-year report. It’s shopping period — why not have some fun?” (Stein is a Cross Campus contributing blogger and a staff reporter for the News.)

    The website is modeled off a similar site called “What the heck has Obama done so far?” that was created to quiet down President Barack Obama’s haters. So YCC haters, back off!

  5. Other new websites compile various services

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    Every day, in every way, Yalies are supposed to strive for the best. During shopping period that translates into a nasty twice-yearly sale, where nothing is actually on sale, especially not textbooks, and everyone is stressed because OMG we have to take the best classes! A key part of this ritual is receiving hordes of promotional emails.

    But now comes a rando website that’s not just for regular Elis — it’s for baller scholars.

    An email sent out early this morning — just after the email from Everything Useful — from the mysterious but aptly named ‘Yet Another Yale Student Website Creator’ encourages students to “get the best deals so you don’t have to quintuple-mortgage the family farm just to take a science credit.” Cross Campus is certain a brusque “uhwhut” followed by a curt “kthx” were mentally beamed back to this suggestion from all across campus.

    Apparently, using YetAnotherYaleTextbookWebsite.com will help you “realize your full potential.” Pumped? The site seems to be an attempt at a central directory, and lists twelve potential sources for purchasing or renting textbooks textbooks, including Amazon, BookRenter.com and the YCC-YHHAP Book Exchange.

    Of equal interest is sister site YetAnotherYaleBluebookWebsite.com, which, while offering a smaller selection of only six bluebooking options (one of which is OCS – r u srs?), may be equally valuable to the confused Yalie.

    It as yet unclear whether they were created by some jerk who doesn’t have reading yet or an altruistic soul just trying to make our lives easier, or whether this is all one big LOL. We’re leaning toward the LOL.

  6. New website tries to host everything Yale

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    Via an email to Yale early this morning came news of a newly launched website called “Everything Useful.” Everything Useful hopes to compile important information for Yale students in one place, according to the email. Think Wikipedia, but for Yale.

    Created by Casey Watts ’12, the new site explains everything from getting free food at Durfee’s and taking Yale transportation to shopping for school supplies and for classes.

    The website also offers a different, more real type of help. One subhead, titled “procrastination,” features a list of websites students can peruse when trying to stay awake during lecture. Sites listed include GoodCrush Yale and Yale FML. Another subhead lists YaleLunch as a way to meet people.

    Do people still use GoodCrush? Regardless, we’re a little disappointed the News didn’t make the cut. Someday…

  7. Silliman pioneers new laundry system

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    Silliman College has revamped its laundry system to include baskets in which students can place laundry from washing machines whose cycles have finished, Master Judith Krauss told students in an email.

    [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”951″ ]

    The program, conceived by the Yale College Council, includes numbered baskets and a white board on which students can write notes specifying which basket holds clothes from which dryer. For now, Silliman is the only residential college to implement the new program — it was chosen by the YCC to pilot the system, which is modeled after a laundry management system at Princeton, YCC President Brandon Levin ’13 said.

    As it turns out, the white board has uses beyond mere utility: one Sillimander used it to post a personal ad, calling himself a “southern gentleman.”

  8. Richter’s will reopen “before the snow melts”

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    Six months after turning off its tap, historic Chapel Street pub Richter’s is slated to re-open under new management in early 2012, the New Haven Independent reported Wednesday.

    John Ginetti, co-owner of 116 Crown, took over Richter’s last summer with hopes of revitalizing the bar, famous for its 150-year history in downtown New Haven and for serving half yards of beer. Ginetti said in August he hoped to reopen Richter’s sometime in the fall, but found it in worse condition than he anticipated. The barroom tiles were “caked black” and the old kitchen could not accommodate crowds, he said. Now Ginetti’s working to fix this lack of “infrastructure,” replacing the kitchen equipment and much of the venue’s flooring, he told the Independent.

    As he rebuilds Richter’s, Ginetti is also working to preserve its history. Opened in 1858, the bar was renamed the Taft Tap Room when it became a part of the Hotel Taft in 1910. It survived Prohibition as a speakeasy, but closed its doors in 1970. The bar was reopened by undergrad H. Richter Elser ’81 in 1983 and became a popular campus hangout. Ginetti told the Independent that many of the pub’s historic decorations will stay, including a moose shot by Elser’s maternal grandfather in 1908 and a collection of crew paraphernalia from Elser’s days on the Yale men’s crew team.

    “The bones of the place are really quite fantastic,” Yale spokesman Michael Morand ’87 DIV ’93 said in August. “It’s not as if you can really go in and do a radical makeover.”

    Ginetti told the Independent the new Richter’s will be open “before the snow melts.” We’re hoping that means it will be open in time for Feb Club.

  9. Man pretended to be Harvard student for months

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    A 27-year-old man named Abe Liu was escorted out of Harvard’s Weld Hall last week after pretending to be a member of Harvard’s freshman class for months, the Harvard Crimson reported Wednesday.

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    Liu, a student at Harvard’s Extension school, reportedly attended North Carolina State but dropped out. He joined Harvard’s Class of 2015 Facebook group this past summer, and began interacting with students and creating a false persona for himself.

    The Harvard Independent first broke the story in a article published online on Tuesday evening. The Independent’s story adds that Harvard’s freshman class was alerted to Liu’s situation on Sunday afternoon via a student-created meme featuring the “Y U NO” Guy asking Liu, “Y U NO WHO U SAY WHO U ARE?”

    The Independent claimed Liu had on occasion told students he was a former Olympian, but he told the paper in a Tuesday evening interview that their facts “were entirely incorrect.”

    In addition to publishing the story about Liu, the Independent’s story calls into question why the Crimson had not yet run a story about Liu. In a follow-up article today, the Independent quotes Liu as claiming that he had personally convinced the Crimson‘s managing editor, Elias Groll ’12, not to run the story although the Crimson had been working on it for a week.

    The Independent has claimed that Liu participated in the Crimson’s induction rituals, but Liu has denied this claim. The Crimson published their story one day after the Independent released their version.

    He has admitted to forging a Harvard ID, but denies stealing another student’s ID.

    From Liu’s interview with the Crimson:

    “The first lie is like, ‘Oh, I’m a student at the College.’ They always want to know more, so you start telling a lot of little white lies. And then you find yourself integrated into that society.”

    “You get so deep, you don’t know how to stop it.”

    “I made a mistake. My mistake was being lonely.”

    “At the end of the day, all I wanted to do was to be friends. The people that met me, the people that knew me, know that I never asked them for anything. I never coerced them into anything.”

    Liu’s Facebook account is now unsearchable, and his posts on the Class of 2015 Facebook group are gone.

  10. YNHH patient inspires bone marrow drive

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    Four out of five Americans of European descent can find a bone marrow donor match. But for those of South Asian heritage, the chances are drastically reduced — one out of 20,000.

    Amit Gupta, the online entrepreneur responsible for websites like Photojojo and The Daily Jolt, is experiencing this disparity firsthand. Gupta, whose family is from Connecticut, began receiving treatment at Yale-New Haven Hospital after being diagnosed with leukemia.

    So Gupta’s friends around the nation are starting a movement to increase the presence of South Asians in the National Marrow Donor Program. For the last three weeks, Be the Match Marrow Registry drives have been held in cities and universities from the West Coast to the East, with multiple events at Stanford and in New York City, Gupta’s friend Aileen Nowlan LAW ’12 said. The registration efforts will soon move to India, with drives being planned at various temples.

    Nowlan, who has helped coordinate the national movement, brought this campaign to the law school on Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Nowlan and Rishidev Chaudhuri GRD ’13, another of Gupta’s friends, alerted members of Yale’s South Asian community about the drive and fed donors with the light North Indian fare of bhajis and pakoras.

    Those interested in donating who missed Tuesday’s event can request a free cheek swab kit at Be the Match’s website.

  11. Two Yalies named ‘top 10 college women’

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    Yalies sure are glamorous. This year, seniors Katie Miller ’12 and Jordana Confino ’12 have been named two of Glamour magazine’s top ten college women in America. The annual competition has been recognizing the country’s most exceptional female undergraduates for the past 54 years, and this time around, Confino and Miller impressed the magazine with their contributions to women’s and gay rights, respectively.

    Miller, a political science major, has been featured in the New York Times and other prominent media outlets as an opponent of the military’s now-repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Upon finishing her degree at Yale, Miller hopes to train as an officer and serve in Afghanistan.

    “I know it sounds corny, but I feel a great sense of responsibility for protecting [this country],” she told Glamour.

    Likewise, Confino feels a similar sense of responsibility to work toward improved women’s rights. Eight years ago, Confino founded a non-profit organization geared toward improving women’s education in developing countries. The group, Girls Learn International, has since grown into a worldwide initiative spanning 84 chapters in the U.S. in support of 31 different classrooms overseas.

    Other Yalies that have been previously awarded this honour by Glamour Magazine are Lily Dorman-Colby ’09 and Oluwadamilola Oladeru ’11.